How to Remove Tan from Your Face and Skin?

How to Remove Tan from Your Face and Skin?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we- men don’t want to waste a whole hour or two in the spa and salons to polish up our hair or scrub and wash our faces. It gets boring in the 20th minute and the prices for these unisex salons are as high as a month of mid-range gym membership. Men might not regularly look at themselves in the mirror and think they need spa time. Somedays, however, the aftereffects of sweaty work and intense drives on polluted roads worries them. The heavy set layer of dead skin cells on the cheeks and above the nose are only some of the troubles. The riders who like to go around distances on their motorcycles have heavier effects from the combined attack of sun and pollution. Tanning might not occur for men from a 5-10 minutes of exposure to overhead sun but when it happens, de-tan for men takes more than beauty soaps and hydrating face masks. And as men are, non-deterring and facing all the hard knocks, tan is the least of concerns through the day. Also, removing the effects of tan to go for that after hours party shouldn’t require a highway robbery to go for a spa session. So, sun tan shall be easy to get rid of with natural substances acting as tan removers. Here are some solutions to get that million bucks glow after a day of hustle and bustle under the sun-

1. Scrubbing lemon :

The best thing about life giving you lemons is that you can make lemonade for summer exuberance and also retain skin youth by scrubbing with them. Lemon, as you know, has citric acid in abundance which is not only a great detox for the body but also a great de-tan agent for men. The natural acids present in the fruit have a bleaching effect on the skin and remove dead skin cells. The citrus juices of lemon also clear out the skin pores and kill pimples and acne causing bacteria. Cutting a lemon in half and then scrubbing your face or neck skin with it exfoliates the tanned skin and brings out the natural glow. The best effect, however, can be achieved by using a squeezed out lemon peel which is still holding some juices.

2. Honey and lemon juice mask

Now the lemon juice you just squeezed out for the trick above shall not go to waste. Lemon juice is like nectar in the summer and has a lot of cleansing properties for the skin. Lemon juice alone is hard to keep on the skin, as it dries up pretty quickly. Honey can be used to add the masking effect and more goodness for the skin. Honey is a natural skin cleanser which is known for its properties to lighten scars and relieve sunburnt skin. Since tanning is essentially a starting phase of sunburn, honey can greatly reduce its effects. Mix a teaspoon of honey in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (increase both quantities as per requirement). Apply this mixture to tanned skin twice a day and wash after 10-15 minutes.

3. Yoghurt and turmeric scrub

Yoghurt or curd is another saviour of summers like lemon. It keeps the gut cool after a meal in summers and also has healing qualities for the skin. Curd is essentially fermented milk which keeps the skin hydrated and has effective anti-aging properties. Curd also has an important protective effect from the summer sun. It reduces the effects of hyperpigmentation of the skin while reducing damage from the sun. Mixed with a pinch of turmeric, another natural bleaching agent, curd can be used as a sun tan remover mask all over the body.

4. Potato juice mask

Potatoes are one ingredient that you can’t not have in your kitchen all year round. While the tuber is highly nutritious and filling, it is also great at healing skin ailments related to heat.Potatoes have anti-inflammatory juices which are great at treating skin burns due to summer heat. They also have the qualities of a natural skin brightener which improves complexion. It is worth a try for a no cost homemade skin care product. Grate a medium sized potato and squeeze out all the juices that you can from it. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to add bleaching effect and apply the mixture on your face. Keep the juice until it is completely dried up and then wash off with regular water.

5. Oatmeal and curd pack

If you require a solution for going to a party right after working hours, oatmeal and curd can bring some instant glow to your skin. When oats are soaked and applied to the skin, they act as a natural absorbent which pulls out all the dirt and grime from the skin. Hence, mixing it with a bit of curd makes it a cleansing and soothing formula for sunburn and de-tan for men. Soak some oatmeal in curd and mix it well, apply this mixture to any exposed skin. Rinse out the mixture after 20 minutes to get an instant glow.

6. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a special ingredient that can be used at home instead of going to the men’s parlour. It has soothing properties for the skin and protects the skin from adverse effects of the sun. Tanning can be easily relieved by applying tea tree oil once a day. The good news is that Qraamen’s De-tan Scrub has the goodness of tree tea oil along with lemon extract. It removes the effects of sun damage within a week and gives you moisturised and glowing skin.

The summers are already on our heads and are going to peak higher than ever this year. It is better to protect the skin against the scorching sun and its UV rays. Sunburn and tanning are issues that all people face, making summer a season where everyone ages a little more. Use the highly effective and skin rejuvenating Qraamen De-tan Cleanser for Men and protect your skin from the summer sun.