About Us

Qraa Herbal is India’s leading natural cosmetics company. Combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology. India is well known all over the world for her rich bounty of medicinal and therapeutic herbs and for the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda that practices the application of these herbs effectively. After many years of meticulous research we came up with scientifically developed products that generate the same powerful effect, in a shorter time and with a longer lasting effect. We believe in actively utilizing herbal ingredients instead of chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested cosmetics. Each of our products contains a combination of extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance the face, body and hair. We follow strict manufacturing processes as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and have earned the ISO 9001 (2000) certification as well.

All our production systems are subject to stringent quality checks to ensure highest quality products that match or exceed international standards. Welcome to a brave new world of natural beauty. We believe our role is to offer solutions, which improve the beauty and health of your body and hair. And with wellness comes a sense of well being. After all beauty should be a pleasure, not a duty. We believe only the power of technology can release the true power of nature. That’s why, at every opportunity, we use active natural ingredients. Using cutting edge technologies, our researchers are constantly working to identify, extract and test the most effective ingredients in nature so everyone can enjoy their proven benefits – and see real, visible results. And above all, the latest innovations from Qraa Herbals, for beauty products are tailored to your specific needs. Welcome to the world of Qraa.