De-Tan Cleanser for Men- Removes sun tan

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  • It comes with powerful scrubbing benefits that effectively help exfoliate the skin.
  • It helps recover from sun damage.
  • Its healing and nourishing properties help soothe your skin.
  • It comes with the goodness of three nutritive oils and other rare and certified components.
  • Is free from Parabens, harmful chemicals, harsh metals, and any synthetic additives.
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Sun basking in the winter feels like heaven, but it can also be winter-tanned.

In winters, all of us enjoy and crave the sun's warmth, but UV rays are omnipresent however the weather or sky color is, and we often neglect the winter tan as our skin otherwise looks okay.

We use sunscreens, UV protector lotions in summers; but often neglect them when the weather turns cold.

That's why people tend to experience winter tan; If you see a difference in your skin color, then it's time to hop on de-tan products that can remove the tan without any side effects.

And for that, you have to look no further than Qraa Men De-tan Scrub.

Qraa D Tan Scrub is made with 12 precious and rare ingredients to help smooth fine lines, illuminate skin color and promote new cell growth.

Our Ayurveda-based formula is blended with the finest oils to brighten your skin and pigmentation.

Finely ground Sweet Almond rich in Vitamin E & D nourishes and nurtures while exfoliating pollutants and impurities for a glowing complexion.

It helps remove tanning and stimulates micro-circulation.

Combined with natural cleansing agents like Tea Tree and Clove Oil, Qraa D-Tan Cleanser works directly on your skin and provides instant smoothening and whitening benefits.

In addition, regular usage of the Qraa Men D-Tan cleanser helps remove dead skin cells from the face that offers a brighter and lighter skin tone.

With Qraa Men tan removing cleanser in just a few uses, you can bid farewell to even the most horrible tan.

It is an amazing skin cleanser that deeply purifies your skin and eradicates tanning from the root.

It is also infused with a skin-lightening formula that leaves your skin with an improved tone.

It helps restore the natural color of your skin by rejuvenating the skin.

Why is it special?

  • Soap and sulfate-free formulation.
  • All-natural formulation
  • Brightens skin tone and improves skin texture

Sweet Almond

It reduces puffiness and under-eye circles and improves skin complexion while treating dry skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is beneficial for reducing UV damage to the skin and is an antioxidant in nature. 

Vitamin D

Daily exposure to vitamin D throughout the skin helps manufacture healthy cells. It is one of the best vitamins for your skin.

Tea Tree

The anti-inflammatory effect of tea tree oil helps to soothe and relieve painful and irritated skin.

Clove Oil

Clove oil helps in reducing the sagginess of the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Squeeze out a coin-sized amount of Qraa Men 
  • Massage gently onto the wet face and neck to form lather and rinse.

Q1. Why should I use a cleanser?

Ans. Using a cleanser makes for the most important skin care essential to put it precisely. Owing to the daily damage that the skin undergoes, it is important that you use the cleanser to get rid off dirt, grime and other impurities to put it precisely. ‘Qraa Men De-Tan Cleanser For Men’ comes packed with the powerful goodness of certified Ayurvedic components that helps heal, nourish, lighten, brighten and hydrate the rough and tough skin of the males on a daily basis. Using this cleanser also helps to protect the skin from sun damage to put it precisely. To sum it up, for a rejuvenated and fresh look and feel of the skin, don’t forget to use the cleanser.

Q2. Who can use this product?

Ans. The ‘Qraa Men De-Tan Cleanser For Men’ is recommended for men belonging to the age group of 18 years and above. The organic essence of this exceptional cleanser renders it suitable for all skin types to put it precisely. 

Q3. How often should i use this product?

Ans. Qraa Men De-Tan Cleanser For Men’ needs to be used twice a day on a regular basis for the maximum of benefits. However, if you are too pressed for time, make sure to use the cleanser at least once every day for the matter.

Q4. What skin types is it suitable for?

Ans. Qraa Men De-Tan Cleanser For Men’ has been especially formulated with rare and certified natural ingredients like Tea Tree oil, Clove oil, Lemon extracts etc. that renders it suitable for usage on all skin types. You can safely use the cleanser on sensitive skin kinds as well since it is known to be free from any kind of side effects and allergies. 

Q5. What is the shelf life of this product?

Ans. Qraa Men De-Tan Cleanser For Men’ comes with a shelf life of 12 months to put it precisely.

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