5 Benefits of Vitamin C In Summer

5 Benefits of Vitamin C In Summer

Everyone desires sweet and sour ‘nimbu soda’ during peak summers. The Indian lemonade, where we always add the pulp to the juice, gives the palate plenty of hydration and a refreshing kick. The king of the drink is lime, which provides energy to the body with a dash of vitamin C. Vitamin C is where C stands for citrus; the fruits known for their eye-squeezing sourness contain vitamin C. The body requires vitamin C to grow and repair tissues wherever needed. It acts as an anti-inflammatory substance, which reduces swelling and tissue infections. Vitamin C also facilitates collagen growth, which is necessary to repair and grow skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. As for the summers, vitamin C is required to fortify the skin against the sun’s harsh rays during noon. The benefits of using vitamin C can be seen on the skin and gut during the summer. Here’s a list of reasons why you should include vitamin C for your summer skincare

Strengthens sun tolerance

Every animal and all human beings try to run from the sun during summer. Especially during the peak afternoon hours, the sun burns all living things, making it difficult for them to survive. Humans don’t even have a fur coating to save our skin. Vitamin C is a better way to protect your skin from the summer sun. It is one of the vitamins known to affect the skin through topical application directly. Vitamin C, when applied after sun exposure, is known to clear the skin of cells that have died due to harsh sun. It also slowly closes the skin's pores to become more tolerant towards the sun’s rays. Using sunscreens or de-tan cleansers with vitamin C can add more protection to your skin. Another one of the benefits of vitamin C is its antioxidant properties. It prevents the skin from having too many free radical activities or oxidative stress, the leading causes of sun damage.

It provides glowing skin and removes tan.

There are many tan removal products out there, made with synthetic ingredients. There is but only one natural tan-removing substance that works. The increase in melanin production in the skin causes it to become darker. Even though a healthy tan prevents the skin from regular sun damage, prolonged sun exposure can cause the skin to burn and look confused. Prevention of this occurrence is possible with a treatment done using lemons from your kitchen. Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C in citric acid form, and it helps cleanse the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells to bring out newer skin. So, when you come indoors from the sun, juice a couple of lemons, add some honey, apply it all over your exposed skin, and let it dry before washing it up. Ensure you don’t go out in the sun again for a few hours after this. Vitamin C in lemon will even tone your skin and ensure glowing skin after sun exposure.

Protects the skin from hyperpigmentation

If you already have hyperpigmentation before summer starts, the problem may persist and worsen due to sun exposure. Protecting the skin against hyperpigmentation is one of the benefits of vitamin C. Some compounds derived from vitamin C cause melanin production to slow down. Ethyl ascorbic acid, for example, stops the function of the tyrosinase enzyme in the body, which is responsible for melanin production. Vitamin C also contains alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs, which polish the skin and can reduce uneven pigmentation, giving you even-toned skin.

Boosts collagen and reduces aging

Midday sun doesn’t just tan your skin and make you look dark; on a long enough timeline, it also causes the skin to start aging faster than your actual age. The one thing that affects this is that the sun increases the formation of free radicals on the skin, making it lose elasticity and collagen buildup. Since collagen is required for skin repair, the decrease in collagen production causes the skin to wrinkle earlier in life. Vitamin C, as we know, has antioxidants and helps keep the effects of free radicals at bay. Vitamin C's benefits include helping the synthesis of collagen proteins in the body. A vitamin C serum is thus the best way to induce firmness and elasticity in the skin and reverse the wrinkling and sagginess of the skin.

Reduces acne breakouts

Acne breakouts are more prevalent in the summer and have a higher chance of appearing when you have been in the sun. When the heat makes you sweat, it also activates the sebaceous glands, which secrete the much-feared oil or sebum. The sun’s heat causes sweat and water from the skin to evaporate, and the sebum is secreted and then dries up in the pores. When bacteria and fungi feed on this blocked oil, it causes the pores to get inflamed and swell up; this swelling is what we call acne. Vitamin C, in its citric acid form, is excellent for exfoliating the pores and removing clogged sebum and dirt. This also cleanses the bacteria from the skin and allows the pores to breathe so they don’t get inflamed or swell up. Vitamin C also has antioxidants that protect the skin from infections and dark spots caused by acne.

Vitamin C is excellent for the skin and hair; it keeps the hair and beard in men soft and protected. Vitamin C-infused products are the best for men’s summer skincare. If you want to include it in your routine, the benefits of Vitamin C can be enjoyed with Qraamen Iron Man Frame Freezer -Anti Ageing Kit with Vitamin C. It provides vitamin C face wash, beard wax, face serum, and beard oil, which reduce beard roughness, increase facial glow, and reduce wrinkles and redness from the face.