Workout Routines for Men: The Ultimate Guide

Workout Routines for Men: The Ultimate Guide

Every responsibility of a man’s life requires him to be strong. You have to be a strong son for your mother, a strong father to your daughter, a strong brother to your sister and a strong man for your partner. And strength is undivided between the mind and body. The body, when it falls sick, takes the mind with it to not being able to eat, not having the mental strength to get off the bed or not being able to think clear thoughts. It goes vice versa from mind to body. When you’re constantly thinking of problems you don’t have yet or stress too much, your body corrodes from the toxic stress and falls sick. So, there is a definite connection. Which means mending one might mend the other. Physical fitness can improve thoughts and relieve mental strain. There is a reason why the guys find peace in pumping iron after heart breaks. So, to live a life devoid of negativity it is necessary to put workout in the daily routine for men. So without wasting time with the motivational speech let’s see what you need to get full body muscle gain and lose that belly;

Gym workout routines for men

Yes, most of us couldn’t work out so we had to be home. Pardon the dad joke but many have developed dad bods in the pandemic. So, to get back into shape for office parties, simple dumbbell and bodyweight workouts can get you going. All you need is a big enough weight bench and dumbbell and barbells with adjustable weights to your convenience. As a beginner, you shall do these exercises three days a week. Do it alternate or consecutive as per your convenience. As you start gaining strength, add extra days to your workout plan and take it to 5 days a week. You can rest weekends while building strength or do lesser sets each day but continue 365 days a year. You can add a cardio routine like running or cycling on weekends if your goal is to lose weight. Here is the ultimate gym workout for men’s full body exercise-

1. Dumbbell front squats

Having strong legs is an important part of workout routines for men. So, start your day with the most dreaded section of your body with dumbbell front squats. Keep your feet apart at shoulder or hip length. Hold the dumbbells in your hands close to your shoulders, with your elbows bent and sticking to your sides. Keep your chest out, maintain postures and sit down half way while inhaling. Hold for a second and get up straight while exhaling explosively.

2. Dumbbell shoulder press

Every man needs strong shoulders for the responsibilities. So, hit your shoulders with the dumbbell shoulder press. Hold the dumbbells close to your shoulders right below your ears. With fingers facing outwards, raise the weights above your head together. Do not let the dumbbells touch together. With a slow resisting motion, bring down the weights to the beginning level while squeezing your shoulders.

3. Barbell bent-over rows

A strong back goes a long time in carrying weights and doing most day-to-day stuff. So, strengthen it with barbell bent-over rows. Slightly bend your knees, bend forward and let your torso be hinged straight from the waist. Without dropping your shoulders forwards, pull the barbell towards your torso using the shoulder blades at your back. Inhale as you pull and exhale as you release. Make sure your shoulders touch together at the back with every row.

4. Dumbbell split squats

Knees, legs and glutes, it’s all covered with the dumbbell split squats or dumbbell lunges. Hold dumbbells in your hands and let them hang loose by your sides. Step forward with one foot and lunge down while keeping the back foot knee almost close to the ground and the front knee at a 90 degree angle in front of you. Push from the front foot while exhaling explosively to push yourself back into standing position. Repeat on both legs equally.

5. Dumbbell chest press

Dumbbell press can improve a number of areas from the chest to the core to back. It can be done either on a bench or a swiss ball. For beginning, balance your upper back on a swiss ball for chest press, keeping your feet at 90 degrees and keeping your lower back rigid. Hold the dumbbells in chest press position and press up while keeping your elbows away from your body. Slowly bring the weights down while inhaling and repeat. When you gain strength and increase weights, it’s better to do regular chest presses on the table.

6. Wide grip pull ups

Manliness is being able to pull your own weight. So, bring that strength in your shoulder, back and triceps with wide grip pull-ups. Yes, it is one of the most simple yet difficult exercises. If you need assistance you can ask for help till you gain enough strength. Hold the pull up bar with hands apart, away from the shoulders. Hang completely on the bar and pull yourself up till your chin reaches above the bar. While keeping your back and shoulders rigid, release with inhalation and repeat without losing grip of the bar. If you can't do even one pull, fret not, follow the pull-up strength building routine.

7. Dumbbell step ups

There are leg exercises and then there are knee exercises that make your kicks stronger. So, step up your game with some dumbbells. Start by standing in front of a heightened platform or small bench. Keep the dumbbells to your sides and keep a foot on the bench and step up the bench so as to stand on it. Step down with the foot that you put on the bench last and step up with that foot next. Do this for 3 sets of 10 reps.

8. Planks

Building strength is all about enduring tension in the muscle for as long as you can. Planks are the most dreaded out of gym workout routines for men. But starting with 20 seconds at a time is better than a weak core. Start with the push up stance with your hands on the floor and body balanced on the toes. Keep your feet hip length apart and lower yourself down to hold your body on the elbows and forearms. Now the hard part, hold this position for as long your body can take. Just focus on breathing regularly and keep striving for a few more seconds every time. The more you hold, the stronger your core and back becomes.

9. Elevated pushups

Every workout routine for men is incomplete without feeling the chest pump. So, elevate your push ups for a complete chest workout. Take a bench that is arm length above the ground and get into the push up stance in front of it. Safely elevate your feet and balance your toes on the bench. Lower yourself keeping your elbow at an angle with the shoulders. Push back up pushing your shoulder blades out-front.

10. Hip thrusters

A strong lower back makes sure that you never get an accidental injury. Hip-thrusters save from back issues like slip-disc. So get a bench and rest your shoulders on it. Keep your legs bent enough for your feet to be on the ground. Keep a barbell, as per your strength, on the crease of your waist. Thrust your hips up and balance your body on the bench and feet. Bring your butt down and repeat.

Building strength is all about pushing your body to a certain extent with good amounts of rest. So, do as many sets as you can and take ample rest by sleeping 8 hours a night. Always keep supplementing your body with herbal nutrition to heal broken muscle fibers to get more muscle mass. Herbal supplements like Qraamen’s Dynamo Power Syrup and Caps, have antioxidant rich and strength boosting ingredients like, kesar, shilajit, trikatu, lavang and many more. A spoonful of the syrup or a capsule twice a day can benefit workout stress from daily routines of men’s busy life.