What is the best way to avoid liver damage?

What is the best way to avoid liver damage?

The digestive system, regardless of your gender, tends to be the source of all our physical troubles and also the feel-good days. With men, this system is just pushed to the limit a couple of times higher in a year. When our digestive system detects traces of substances that are irregular to its own nature, it activates a toxin flushing operation that brings all fluid control functions to one main organ: our liver. So, on a regular basis, a bit of Mexican or Jamaican cuisine with low water consumption can be a literal fire under you. But these one-time dietary mistakes should not be taken lightly.

The liver certainly has its capabilities to deal with the unwanted waste, but regular exposure to toxic substances like alcohol, smoke, air pollution (chemical and biological), infected food and water can be disastrous to your health and eventually to your medical budget. According to health data, two-thirds of liver disease fatalities are men, while twice as many men succumb to Hepatitis than women. The liver sustains a lot of damage throughout life but to sustain a healthy liver, one has to make changes in daily habits and diet.

So how do you preserve a strong liver while tackling the daily buzz of living in the 21st century? We’ve put together some tips to care for your liver that’s working overtime.

1. Maintain Weight

Not all kinds of gains are healthy, especially when you gain rolls around your belly. Accumulated fat can be the major concern for many health issues like diabetes, heart-related problems, and fatty liver disease. Shedding excess amounts of fats from the body can be the first step to protect your liver from getting weaker over time. Doing cardio exercises like fast walking, cycling or swimming for just 15 minutes a day can keep the fat accumulation away from the digestive tracts and the liver.

2. Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Getting a dump of melting processed cheese inside your veggie sandwich is okay, but make sure you avoid the white bread. Foods like white bread, white rice, regular or non-grain pasta, and other such refined carbohydrates or sugars are full of saturated fats that are expert at getting a hold of your belly. And in that case, fibers are your only saviours. Fibers have been proven to elongate the life of the digestive system, making sure you live long. Switch to whole-grain bread and unrefined brown rice to reduce unhealthy carbs and add some fiber to your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables daily and try to have raw salads as a siding with all your meals. It will keep your digestive tract clear of toxins, relieving stress from the liver.

3. Switch to Healthier Food Options

A fast-paced life might be calling out to fast food, but you need to keep your phone on silent mode and focus on health. Noodles, kinds of pasta, Chinese frying sauces, wraps and rolls may be filling and fast but at the end of the day have more toxins than sandwiches made of brown bread, lettuce, tomatoes and boiled chicken. Also, most of the fast-food options rid the food of its nutritional qualities. The number of refined fats used in fast-food can be damaging to your liver over time. Making a switch to healthier options like homemade food or conventional eateries can be a great start. If you’re a regular meat-eater, you’d want to limit the use of red meat in your daily diet. Undercooked shellfish like clams must be avoided as well. Switching to whole yoghurt and dairy products over sugary desserts like doughnuts will give you good fats that burn as fuel every day

4. Avoid Toxins

Toxins are the major cause of liver damage. Regular exposure to chemical fumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning agents, paints, pesticides, etc. can be a cause of liver cancer. When being around any of these agents, make sure to wear a mask and gloves. Check from where you source your food, always wash all your plant-based ingredients to get rid of toxic pesticides.

5. Drink Responsibly

Even alcohol companies use the phrase ‘drink responsibly’ in their advertisements! Alcohol can certainly be a social lubricant, but better to use it as a greasing element and not cooking oil. Regular alcohol intake can be dangerous to both physical and mental health. Alcohol is the number one cause of Liver Cirrhosis in men and can lead to an earlier demise. Mental stress may call for alcohol use but it is wise to use it moderately and not abuse it. Try avoiding alcohol as much as you can and if possible, quit.

6. Use Turmeric for Cleansing

Turmeric has been used in southern Asia since the beginning of time and is considered a natural antioxidant and anti-biotic. It is also a great cleanser and helps to keep the blood and other bodily fluids free of toxicity. It boosts dietary enzymes in the body that flush out the toxins from the system. A pinch of turmeric with warm water and pepper every day can prevent liver damage.

7. Switch to Black Coffee or Green Tea

If you love to have a large latte with your lunch and at tea-time, you’d want to change your order. Coffee can be a great energizer but with all the added sugar and cream milk, it really slows you down as you age. Liver problems are adamant in adults who are coffee addicts and tea lovers. But coffee can be used as a way to cut fat and reduce liver damage. All you have to do is switch to black coffee with a maximum of two cups a day. For people who aren’t into coffee, green tea is a great way to refresh and detox at the same time.

After long hours of climbing the capital ladder all week and getting more work done for the yearly vacation, the weekend calls for vodka shots and a big rum and cola. Well, we’ve all had our vices and some way or the other, all kinds of life choices will ultimately affect your liver. Like water from a bad source or a smoking habit. A balanced diet, healthy life choices and the right hydration will keep your liver food and fun friendly.