Skincare Tips for Men to Follow During Winters

Skincare Tips for Men to Follow During Winters

Those days are over when skincare routines were only associated with women. There are plenty of skincare routines for men that actually help take care of coarse skin. Winter is one season where people cling to thick layers of clothing or thick blankets that are enough to protect them from the cold weather and keep them warm. However, low winter temperatures demand extra attention and special care for your skin and body. This is where men often forget to pay attention to their skin and hair during winters. Winter skincare tips for men are now being searched the most by many. This is not just to keep men groomed during winters but also care for the skin to repair and heal itself from many winter skin problems

We’ve compiled a list of winter skincare tips for men to adopt this season and still relatively enjoy mild chilly weather. These tips will help keep your skin supple and feeling its best until summer arrives.

Tip Number 1: Moisturize The Skin Often

During winters, the skin becomes drier than usual. Just like how you feel the need to hydrate, your skin too craves for hydration and moisture to keep it supple and soft. If you haven’t already begun using a moisturizer, it’s time you make it your best bud. To begin with your winter skincare routine, we recommend the QraaMen Winter Care Kit. This kit includes the QraaMen 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer which is a daily moisturizing formula that is oil free and absorbs into the skin quickly. The moisturizing cream prevents the skin from winter dryness and makes the skin feel refreshing. Daily moisturization maintains the skin moisture balance and locks in skin quenching hydration that it needs throughout the winter season. The entire skincare kit is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, or any other harmful chemical/synthetics that may lead to more damage to the skin or cause allergies. Hence it’s perfectly formulated to suit all manly skin types.

Tip Number 2: Exfoliate The Skin Pores

Sometimes when the skin has lost all its moisture due to cold weather or chilly winds while biking or doing outdoor activity, you may notice that the skin may start to crack or flake. This cracked skin can appear dull. The pores in such dry, flaky skin are usually clogged with dirt and dead skin cells. Which is why it's necessary to exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin pores allows the skin surface to clear our dead skin cells that cause more dryness. Adding a face scrub to your skincare routine has cleansing advantages for oily, acne-prone, pimple-prone, and sensitive skin. Exfoliation also prevents the skin from acne and pimples while keeping the face healthier and radiant. Regular use of skin exfoliants like QraaMen’s Activated Charcoal Scrub has skin cleansing benefits with skin whitening and brightening properties. All types of skincare routines for men must include weekly exfoliation during the winters.

Tip Number 3: Take Care of The Beard

For those lions out there who prefer to keep warm with a full, bushy beard, a soothing beard oil is a MUST! Choose the oil that has the goodness of tea tree, olive, jojoba, passion fruit, and argan oil just like QraaMen’s Mooch and Beard Oil. Grooming with the correct products is also essential for a healthy skincare routine. Beard oils are lightweight (and sensually-scented) formula that tames coarse beard hair and alternatively nourishes the hair follicles and skin. It alleviates dry facial skin which is definitely a boon during harsh winter climates. Take a few drops of this beard oil, massage the oil onto the beard and into the skin too. Use it daily as a part of a beard care step in your skincare routine for a well-groomed, soft beard throughout the year.

Tip Number 4: Always Use A Shaving Cream

Yes, we understand there are a few of you handsome folks who prefer a clean-shaved look or a short stubble look. We’ve always made it a point to elaborate how men who shave often must always use a shaving cream or a good shaving gel. And during winters, it’s crucial to use a good shaving cream when the skin is already susceptible to skin dryness, irritation, and cuts. Also, sometimes shaving improperly can exacerbate skin concerns like small nicks, cuts, or bruises that can be treated with care using the shaving gels with right antiseptic ingredients meant for skin healing. There’s a small trick with shaving, rinse off the shaving cream with lukewarm water. Having the right after shave treatment provides relief from razor burns or bumps. It soothes the irritated skin and hydrates the skin for a fresher look.

Tip Number 5: Use a Lip Balm Daily

Unfortunately and inevitably cold winter winds and cracked/chapped lips are best friends! Keeping a lip balm at hand and using it daily gives the lips the much-needed hydration. There are plenty of lip balms in the market that have special ingredients that provide different benefits but all-in-all basically soften and heal chapped lips. Try applying lip balms that are formulated with shea butter because they are the most suitable for all skin types and even help reduce pigmentation with daily use over a period of time.

Tip Number 6: Don’t Skip The SPF

Many associate using sunscreen during warm weather, but sun protection is essential all year round. The day sunshine needs to be combated with proper sun protection, even if it snows! During the day, swap your regular moisturizer with an SPF formulated one. You could even use a regular SPF 50 sunscreen over your moisturizing cream to protect the skin from UV damage and tanning.

These were some tips you could begin a regular routine with winter skincare tips for men. The key to healthy, supple skin is simply being consistent and disciplined with treating your skin, beard, and hair. While focusing on face, beard, and hair, don’t forget to treat body skin too by showering with a mild body wash/gel and using a nourishing body lotion right after. Avoid too hot showers during winters too as hot water can cause more skin dryness, and we definitely want to avoid that!