Myths And Facts About Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

Myths And Facts About Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

washing hair with hot water

While some of us like our clean, shiny and fluffed up hair on the day we wash it, there are others who prefer it the next day as according to them, the washed hairs settle in best the next day after washing. No matter which group of individuals do we prefer to belong, washing the hairs is an important aspect of hair care and you got to know the rules for that perfect hair wash. Hair care needs a lot of consideration of the smallest of details and it requires a lot of effort to put it precisely. While there are some people who will tell you that washing the hairs with cold water works best, there are some who prefer hot water. The debate has been on since time immemorial that what is the right temperature of water that works best for the tresses. Well, if you are a little confused about washing your hairs with hot water, then give this a read. We are here to discuss the nuances, myths and facts that are associated with the hot wash hair wash. First and foremost, remember to not use extremely hot water on the hairs. Either use warm water or lukewarm water on the hairs. Although we shall be using the term ‘’hot’’, remember it isn’t about very ‘’hot’’. By the term, we mean lukewarm or warm water. Before using hot water on the hairs, check out the temperature with your hand in the endeavour to mix up the right proportions of hot and cold waters to arrive at the ideal warm or lukewarm temperature.

Myths And Facts About Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

1. Hot Water Doesn’t Work As A Great Hair Cleanser -
Water comes with its natural cleansing properties and it is a commonly associated myth that hot water doesn’t really help in cleansing the hairs. In reality, it acts like a sauna that helps the pores to open up. This helps the open pores in the scalp to absorb natural oils and moisture which is much needed for effective hair growth. Washing the hairs with hot water also helps do away with dirt and other accumulated impurities in a easy way.

2. Using Hot Water Hair Rinse Can Help Soften The Hairs-
Well, you need to get the right kind of temperature for the water to rinse your hairs. Using too much of hot water on the hairs can lead to damaging effects. It is a myth that hot water rinse can help add softness to the hairs. Rather, the fact is it can strip your hairs of its essential oils and moisture that can leave your hairs all frizzy and dry to put it precisely.

3. Rinsing Your Hairs With Hot Water At Times Is Enough To Cleanse It -
There is no denial to the fact that water comes with its natural cleansing properties. But, the fact is washing the hairs only with hot water might not do a great cleansing job for your scalp and hairs as per your expectations. No matter how lazy you feel, it is the right shampoo and the conditioner that helps cleanse your hairs best and not just hot water for the matter.

4. Hot Water Hair Washes Can Aggravate Hair Loss -
It is a commonly associated myth that using hot water on the hairs can aggravate hair loss. In reality, it is time to do away with such myths as the fact remains that hot water hair wash can work wonders for hair growth. Washing the hairs with hot water helps improves the blood circulation on the scalp and hair follicles. This works great for stimulating hair growth.

5. Using Hot Water For Washing Oily Hairs Can Lead To Damage -
As against the popular myth of hot water rinse being damaging for oily hair kinds, the fact remains that it can in reality work wonders for oily hairs and scalp. Using hot water on oily hair types helps strip the hairs and scalp off its excess oils which can be extremely beneficial in such cases. Here are some of the myths and facts about washing your hairs with hot water that we have elaborated upon. We end it with a secret that rinse of your hairs with warm or lukewarm water, but use cold water to wash off the conditioner for best results as cold water helps retain moisture for a longer span and it can help you get softer, shinier and lustrous hairs with added volume.