Lung Detox: Can You Cleanse Your Lungs

Lung Detox: Can You Cleanse Your Lungs

What are the first organs that give up when you’re being chased by a stray dog? Your thighs start to burn like you just injected a vial of pepper spray, your liver hurts after a few yards and then the lungs can’t take all the carbon dioxide you’re producing. But did you know that if your lungs were to be the size of a whale, you’d never need to stop running, you'd also be the best deep diver ever. But unfortunately, the human lungs can take only so much before they give up. In case you’re used to taking a few puffs of smoke every once in while, you’re at a higher chance of being mauled by the stray.

Our lungs are practically the engines of our body. And all engines have one thing in common, they get affected and jammed up with sludge. Where in a car the sludge is burnt oil and grease, lungs get jammed up by mucus and phlegm. Mucus is the lungs’ own ability to hydrate itself. It builds up in the lungs every time you inhale. Mucus keeps the alveoli (oxygen molecule absorbing structures) moisturized to trap most molecules of oxygen you inhale. It also has the ability to filter the air that you inhale and capture all the dust and particles that are to be thrown out. Guess now you know why you suddenly cough when you get a whiff of dust through your nose. As we grow older, lung capacity can fade away for those who don’t take care. So how do you take care of an organ that keeps working till the last breath?

What is Lung Detox?

There are a lot of ways to repent for your sins and correct them nowadays, aren’t there? So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a lot of sheesha sessions or are a biker that takes on desert storms, there are ways to keep the lungs functioning well. The most popular way today, for cleansing anything from your body is detox. Detox has taken place in the life of both millenials and Gen Z as a routine. It is a rather new technique of getting rid of accumulated toxins that get clogged in different organs. Most of the waste toxins are accumulated in the torso- in the lungs, liver and intestines. These toxins not only poison your blood slowly but will also be the reason why you can’t flush quick forming toxins. The toxins are always building up in your body, with every cheesy meal, every red meat burger and with every breath you take in the polluted streets. Detoxification or cleansing is the process of manually flushing out toxins with the help of a specialized diet, exercising, medication, or with naturally occuring detoxifying agents. We must have heard a hundred recommendations on having green tea. And yet, green tea alone cannot deal with all the accumulated waste in the body. Lung detox, especially, needs a lot of different methods to clean out all the tars and used up mucus. Lung detox doesn’t have to be a medical procedure or regular doctor's visit, unless you’ve been smoking 10 packs a day since your university. In other common cases of meddling with pollution or working with fire, it can start at home with a few simple detox methods like teas and breathing exercises.

What are the Safest Ways to Detox Lungs?

Lung cleansing for commons has to be safe. If you’re a constant visitor of google search pages concerning your slight breathing discomfort, you’d have diagnosed yourself with cancer by now. And there are a number of web pages that will also try to sell easy lung detox kits that will have you convinced that you’re actually cleansing. But in truth you’ll only be wasting money on some two bit company that is selling you nothing but ginger powder to have with water. So when it comes to lung cleansing, ensure that the method is fool-proof and is not a quick fix, because quick fixes cause troubles later on when you’re off guard. Whenever going for lung cleansing with the use of products, you must know whether the supplier is trustworthy. The best thing to buy would be a herbal lung detox remedy which doesn’t harm the user even if it doesn’t work. But only your regular habits and adding essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 to your food, will bring tangible results. To strengthen your lungs and make breathing easier, put the following habits in your daily routine-     
  1. Quit Smoking We know that is easier said than done for most of us who lead a stressful life where a cigarette is the only thing keeping you from splitting someone’s head. But there are various ways to cope with stress that are much cheaper and safer than turning your throat into a chimney. So before you open the next pack, just know that cigarettes will not only put toxins in your lungs but also in your liver and stomach.

  2. Exercise Regularly It can be any other exercise that you do at the gym or park. But exercises that are specifically designed for challenging lungs are your way to go. Breathing exercises with meditation, cardio workouts, surya namaskar yoga, etc. can eventually get you greener lungs.

  3. Check Your Air Quality If you work or stay in an area with factories surrounding the landscape, you might consider moving. Or to make things easier, invest in an HVAC system for your house which keeps filtering air. Air quality is one of the major factors affecting the chances of lung diseases. Air quality inside the house can also be regulated with the use of air-purifiers and by using a good air conditioning system. Most of us men are needed to get the gains for all the manly stuff we have to do. Taking away all grocery bags at once. When you need your body to not give up, it’s not the muscles that are giving up, it is the lungs that are pumping more carbon dioxide into your blood. Lungs are the engines of your body and like all engines, these muscular exhausts and fuel makers are always in need of oil change, in this case, a great breathing capacity. So get up and listen to what your breath is speaking.