Important Things You should know about Beard Wash

Important Things You should know about Beard Wash


Someone rightly said that True Love Is Like a Beard, It Never Ends Instead It Only Grows. 

If you are a bearded man, then there is no doubt about the fact that you should call yourself lucky and you should also be proud of it. Let’s tell you why! 

Some Important Facts about the Beard:

  • A majority of compliments a man receives are on his beard.
  • Beard enhances the appearances of men and their social status.
  • Facial hair has the potential in blocking up to 95% of harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • The average man's beard growth 5.5 inches per year.
  • There are approximately 30,000 hairs on the average man's face.
  • 55% of men in the world have some form of facial hair.
  • Beard gives a masculine look and a well-trimmed beard is the best accessory a man can ever have.

But growing a beard is not easy for everyone. Some men are still struggling to get a fuller beard. 

During this journey, taking care of your beard is an important factor. Thicker and fuller beard has is definitely an uphill task, but not anymore with the Beard Wash.

If you are also trying to look handsome with a beard like never before, get into this right now!                       

Let's Begin.

Washing your beard is as important as washing your hair. Most of the men use a normal shampoo to wash their beard which is not suitable for your beard. However, it is important that men stop to ensure their proper hair health.


The hair of the beard are very different from that of your other part of the body and when men use the same shampoo they strip and extract all natural thereby, leaving them dry and unhealthy.


Therefore, it is important to choose a beard wash to wash your beard because it is specially designed for your facial hair that won't strip away the natural oil. The beard wash also maintains the health of the beard by providing extra hydration, nourishment and preventing itchiness. Adding to this, it adds a very inviting scent which makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


So always choose a beard wash for your beard to make them soft and healthy.


Benefits Of Using Beard Wash:

 Preserving Natural Oils

The human body produces natural oils that help your facial hair to be healthy and strong. Normal soap and shampoo contain chemicals which removes all natural oils which can be really damaging for the health of the beard.

To reinstate these natural oils, one should only pot for the best quality of beard wash. For added results, one can also use Beard Growth Oil which will definitely boost the growth of the beard and make your beard look like never before.

Preventing from Itchiness:

During your beard journey, you may feel itchiness and in those situations, your beard wash is the perfect solution. The Beard Wash contains the natural ingredients which protect your beard from itchiness and over drying.

Next time you feel discomfort of irritation on your beard; don’t forget to use your Beard Wash.

Firms your Skin:

The Beard Wash really helps in improving the skin health as it smoothens, firms and improves the texture of the skin. The problem of blemishes and redness is very common and it can be often found around your beard. It is important to choose the right and best quality product will give you the perfect solution for this.

Hydrates the Skin and Beard:

Dryness is also a big problem and especially in winters. The dryness is harmful for both skin and your beard and normal shampoo also make them over-dry, fragile and difficult to manage.

Beard wash generally contains the natural botanicals and vitamins which smoothens the beard and make it shine.


How To Use Beard Wash? 

The foremost step is to choose the right quality of Beard Wash. So always select the best quality product which is specifically designed for beard which does not strip off the natural oils and make your facial hair smooth, strong and healthy. 

Here we are recommending some steps to use your beard wash:

  • Take a small portion and rub into your hand to get a soapy lather.
  • Massage the lather onto the roots of the hair follicles of your beard to remove all the dead skin. This process also evades the itchiness and cleanses your beard for your face to look flawless.
  • Leave it in for a minute and then wash it off.
  • After washing off your beard with a Beard Wash, always use a Beard Oil to nourish it.

Why Qraa Men Beard Wash?

Qraa Men's beard wash is formulated with an amazing blend of natural botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants and cleansers which deeply cleanse your beard without over-drying it. It nourishes the beard from within to ensure proper hydration and nourishment. It shall really make the difference and leave you with an attractive beard.

Groom yourself with Qraa Men and know why it is different from others.