How to Increase Stamina

How to Increase Stamina

Desire is one of the luxuries of being human, it matters a lot that desire for the one you like shows in your relationship. Even though being intimate cannot be the sole reason for a relationship, it is one of the major parts where you make your partner feel trusting and loved. Because, after being away for the whole day or even weeks because of work, it wouldn’t be nice if you do not warm them up with some intense affection. The other side of having sex is health benefits that include heart health, mental health, etc., and of course the smell of calories burning.

Sometimes, however, the heat falls short and either one or both remain unentertained by the short show. The world is a terrible place to survive in and the mental stress of professional survival can be evident in your personal life and reproduction. Having sex is an important release as a human, it’s not only to carry forward the bloodline but also to show affection and for pleasure. Only humans and a couple of animals like dolphins are capable of registering the pleasure and dopamine produced because of intercourse. However, most of us, because of mental stress and physical deficiencies, remain untouched by the true thrill of touch. Fret not if you are long but fall short in performance, it’s all body and brains, and here’s how to increase stamina in the sheets naturally-

Before we dig in, here are a few things you must consider-

The cause of male libido issues can be due to deficiency in nutrition, accumulation of toxins, increased levels of stress and from more than moderate masturbation. The reason might also be too much use of alcohol, eating disorders, abuse of synthetic drugs and some kinds of medication.

The average time in most males, having intercourse, is around 5-10 minutes. For women however, the time to reach orgasm is 20 minutes average. So, gentlemen, all you have to do is build up enough mental and physical strength to push another 10 minutes. And there are some habits and ways you can build up stamina.


 That might have come as a shock but sexual-self gratification is alright when you’re basically building sexual tension to please your partner. Think about them and their sexiness but stay away from porn and sex toys. Rehearsing mentally and physically a day or two before the main performance could help getting those extra Os. To build up better orgasms, try the other hand or use both to stimulate the penis and the testicles. If you know how to do it standing, practicing the thrust with your lower back might even increase stamina.


 Exercise is essential for all and knowing how and which of exercising can increase your stamina naturally. The body that is built to hold on while thrusting forward can provide ample pleasure to the one under you. So, exercising the muscle groups that help you push, pull or throw your partner on the bed will also increase your stamina. Here’s how to increase stamina with exercise-


Working your biceps gives you more strength and endurance in the lifts and pulls that go on in love making. Here how to increase your stamina with bicep exercises-

  • Get some weights (dumbbells). Stand taking the support of a wall or pillar, lift up the weights alternatively with both hands and continue for about 10 repetitions. Increase the repetitions and weight to increase endurance.
  • Go to the gym or use a ledge of a bar in your home and pull yourself chin up on the bar. It might be difficult the first time, so here’s how to increase the stamina and endurance for chin-ups.

Shoulders and chest

  • Start by doing at least 20 push ups a day. You shall keep increasing the reps as you gain strength. If you have slender arms, start with knee push ups to gain momentum.
  • Use your dumbbells again and lie down on a bench and push the weights straight up, keeping your elbows 45 degrees from your shoulders.

Torso and back

The abdominal and back muscles are responsible for building up most of the stamina in our body. So, exercising your upper and lower back along with your abs is important to keep the grind in the sheets going. Here’s how to increase overall stamina naturally with core exercise-

  • Planks are the best exercise you can do to build endurance and strength in your torso. The longer you can hold the plank pose the more sexual stamina you generate.
  • Bridge is a great back building exercise. Just lie down on the floor with feet tucked in, thrust your lower back upwards using your knees and core muscles.
  • Sit ups or crunches can help build excellent lower body muscles, lie down with your knees slightly bent and try to sit up using your abs and pectoral muscles.

Doing these simple exercises will help you increase power when they are used to shake the bed. But remember to fuel them with nutrition.


If you are looking to rock your partner’s world, stop any usafe fasting regimen you’re using. Exercising and building stamina requires feeding the body. Eating lots of protein with fruits is important when you’re expecting to have a longer good time with your partner. Here’s how to increase stamina naturally with food.

  • Eat foods rich in potassium like bananas, spinach, broccolis, tomatoes, carrots, low fat milk and yogurt.
  • Eating complex carbs is necessary from foods like white potatoes, brown rice, sweet potatoes, yam, corn, beans, and oatmeal.
  • Eat lots of proteins from nuts, tofu, dairy products, eggs, poultry, and fish.
  • Foods rich with Omega-3 like tuna, mussels, sea fishes, walnuts, and cod liver oil supplements.

Supplement Your Drive

Having controlled nutrients that focus on increasing sex drive is a great way to increase your sexual stamina, given they are naturally derived. Nutrients like capsaicin, minerals like magnesium, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, iodine etc. found in shilajit and aphrodisiacs like saffron may promote faster results from all the efforts above. The combination of all these ingredients and more can be found in the Qraa Dynamo Power Capsules or Syrup. Which increases stamina by relieving you of general weakness and improves mood and libido.

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