How to Detox Lungs

How to Detox Lungs

Everything living on this planet shares one thing, that is the life force of breath. Breath is the most essential process in any living being, it acts as the life force and keeps the body functioning. Which is why, being able to hold your breath for long is seen as a practiced skill rather than a regular activity. Hence, making lungs the most important organ, which has its own cleanse routine. So, why do we even need lungs to go through detox procedures? Because, the lung tissues have a cleanse procedure that filters or clears out only a limited number of substances. There is an immeasurable amount of toxicity in the air today and many of them get accumulated in the air sacs of the lungs, thus requiring a detox.

With increasing pollutants in the air, most of our cities are often covered in smoke and debris, this increases the pressure on our lungs and many start suffering from breathing issues like asthma and other pulmonary diseases. So, when simply breathing in bad city air gives your lungs years of toxic waste, detox becomes necessary. Especially for people who have been smoking for a number of years, cleansing the lungs can be as important as having a balanced diet. So here’s how to detox your lungs at home-

1. Get an Air Purifier

 Just a few decades ago, when the air was much fresher to breathe in, an air purifier wouldn’t have made much sense. Now, however, with the industries releasing careless amounts of smoke, fly ash, concrete dust, etc., an air purifier becomes a necessity for a healthy life with fresh breaths every time.

An air purifier is an important investment. More so when you’re living in a busy city that is full of traffic and pollution. So, adding a couple of air purifiers to your household can result in better lung health and might help with regeneration in the body, benefitting your overall health. It’s possible because an air purifier not only removes a lot of carbon gasses from the air but also filters out fungal mold spores, bacteria and pet dust and hair if you have any. People with asthma that have pets shall always use an air purifier indoors.

2. Maintain your Air Conditioning and Ventilation

While an air purifier can work as a second pair of filters, having too much pollution in your house can lead to air purifiers getting blocked. When air purifiers have run their capacity they will not filter air as efficiently. So, you must take some extra effort to keep your house clear of pollutants by cleaning out your ventilation systems and air condition filters. Air conditioners also partly absorb dust and smoke from the air, so cleaning its filters every two months will give you added air filtration along with your air purifier.

You shall not overlook your ventilation and exhaust systems either. They keep accumulating dust which can come back into your house with incoming winds. Most of us also use ceiling fans in our houses, the blades of which hold a lot of dust on their baldes. These fine dust particles are slowly mixing in with your air and making your lungs weak. So, maybe try to give your ceiling fan blades a nice wipe at least once in three months.

3. Don’t Use Artificial Scents

It is a common misconception that fragrant or fruity smelling air is actually fresh and good to breath in. So, we, as an incompletely evolved species, take longer inhales trying to get all that smell in. Guess what? It irritates the alveoli in your lungs that process oxygen, and burnt alveoli can’t be brought back with a cleanse or detox. It might be a bit shocking to hear that all your sweet smelling scented candles, air sprays and diffusers are a big part of gradual respiratory issues.

Rather than using chemical sprays and diffusers, it is better to keep your house clean of organic waste, regularly flush out your bathrooms and use the basic naphthalene balls near your drains to keep away the smell. Give your kitchen a deep clean once a week, and make sure you have lids on all your dustbins to keep the smells from food particles contained. Here’s a little trick to add a fresh smell, buy citrus leafed succulents, or keep a half lemon in a corner of the kitchen and change it everyday, you can use the peel as well.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

 This is actually a no brainer, being able to breathe fresh air is a blessing. Being inside all the time can be bad for lung capacity. It would be better to get outside once in while to take a stroll around the property and breathe in the open air. If you’re one of those who like bicycling, then taking your cycle out for a ride can increase lung capacity. If you have a garden or balcony with plants, consider spending your leisure in those places. Keep your windows open a few hours every morning to let the dew ridden fresh morning air into your lungs and cleanse them.

5. Exercise Your Lungs

 Lungs are also a type of muscle and people who exercise everyday automatically increase their lung capacity. When you do aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, walking, running or rowing, your lungs are challenged and set in motion for more oxygen intake. Yoga, which includes a ton of breathing exercises, is the best way to increase lung capacity. Pranayama and the cobra pose are a couple of exercises that can induce a healthy breathing routine and help with lung detox naturally.

6. Diet and Supplements

 Your regular diet and nutritional intake also contributes to lung cleanse and there are certain herbs that even cleanse them of old mucus and lung fluids. Foods rich in Vitamin D (fish, eggs, milk) or a sunbath early in the morning keeps lungs healthy and promotes detox. Foods rich in antioxidants (berries, broccoli, turmeric or green tea) have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help with regenerative repair in the lungs. There are also a number of natural herbs and plant products that can induce a lung cleanse if taken in the form of a detox supplement. Herbs like Tulsi (holy basil), mulahti (liquorice), turmeric, etc. are great for lungs and cleanse them by targeting mucus and dissolving it.

Herbal detox options are always good as they come with no side effects. The Qraamen Lung Detox Capsules are made of natural herb extracts of mulahti, turmeric, grapeseed and tulsi. Using them after you’ve quit smoking can be beneficial if you’re looking for a lung cleanse. Men need a lot of lung care to keep up the stamina for everyday tasks. As a man you can get more health and grooming solutions at Qraamen.