Glowing Skin Tips for Men

Glowing Skin Tips for Men

Everyone believes that men are tough and generally don’t have many issues faced by women. They have stronger bones and muscles to carry weight and better grasp of street knowledge. But, nature rarely discriminates between men and women, the sun, wind, and water affect both genders the same. The sunrays that emanate during the summers are much harsher than the rest of the year and affect all skin types, differently but affects them nonetheless.

The most usual complaints for anyone during the summer season are sunburn and a stubborn skin tan. Both of these keep your skin dull and take away the glow of a skin that was once good. While the seasonal fruits and drinks do keep us hydrated from within, it is not always enough to keep your system cool. Thanks to the outer skin which has been freed of fur and hair through millennia of evolution, our skin is a sensitive organ that gets injured and needs to be maintained.

Even though men’s skins are, on an average, tougher than women, it still gets affected. The trouble is that due to the same rough and tough quality of the skin it is difficult to treat the injuries to their skin. But men too want to have glowing skin in the summers. For both men and women, it is possible to have a nourishing summer skin care routine at home through herbal products and remedies.

1. Cleanse regularly

It is essential for all men to cleanse their skin regularly. Considering the sebaceous glands of men, which are more active than in women, there is more sebum or natural oil that is produced on the skin of men. Most of the time, the skin is only cleaned once a day when we get home from working. Whereas the sebum is actively being secreted throughout the day. Sebum tends to dry up and block the pores on the skin and leads to acne and boils. To prevent breakout, it is necessary to wash the skin, or at least the face, multiple times a day. So, always carry around a tube of face wash to cleanse the skin thoroughly whenever you get to go to a washroom.

2. Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating everyday will certainly cause the skin to get damaged and sensitive. Nonetheless, it is essential to add exfoliation in your summer skin care routine along with all your home remedies. Exfoliation clears out the dead skin cells that clog up in the pores of your skin and removes the dirt and grime that make your skin dull. The layer of tanned or burnt skin in summers gets washed away with exfoliation. But it is necessary to use an exfoliator or scrub that is made of natural extracts and doesn’t harm your face with parabens and chemicals. You can use Qraamen’s Activated Charcoal Scrub which exfoliates and cleanses with the goodness of tea tree oil, clove oil, beeswax, and activated charcoal as scrub particles.

3. Use sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the scorching sun is important in the summers and especially now when the sun is closer to the earth than ever. The best way to do that, except full sleeves and hats, is sunscreen. Sunscreen creams are brilliant at saving the skin from sunburn and tan. It keeps the moisture locked inside a layer which keeps the skin from drying out. Use a good sunscreen lotion with SPF levels above 30 so that it saves the skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays

4. Moisturise

All vital organs in the body require hydration to function properly. Skin is one of the most vital organs that protects our internal tissues and requires an ample amount of hydration too. Since summer is the season where all water evaporates, so does water from the skin. Especially when you’re out in the sun with hot winds blowing, the skin tends to get dehydrated. So, try moisturizing as frequently as possible. However, do not apply the regular cream based moisturizers from last winter. It is better to apply gel based moisturizers that hydrate your skin while keeping it cool. You can use the all natural Qraa Aloe Vera 9 in 1 Gel which has pure aloe vera gel extract and can be used on any kind of skin.

5.  Remember to hydrate

Again, our body needs lots of water to keep all functions running properly and most of all in the summers. So, remember to drink a lot of fluids. Water in the system keeps the blood flowing properly in all the vessels of the body. When the skin keeps getting continuous hydrated blood it tends to glow and appear plump. So, put up your water alarms and drink up at least 4 litres of water through the day.

6. Avoid processed sugars

Processed sugars don’t only ruin the health of your gut and blood but also your skin. Too much processed sugars in your diet increase the amount of insulin in your blood. This in turn increases inflammation in your skin and creates issues like acne breakouts and increases melanin production. Your skin then becomes rough and dull due to higher amounts of tan, irritation and redness.

7. Eat lots of fruits

Adding antioxidants to your diet and replacing them with sugar can bring about great changes for your skin. But then the urge for sweet things remains, you can tackle that with fruits. Fruits have natural sugars which can ease your cravings without causing a spike in the insulin levels. They are also packed with a lot of antioxidants that reduce the effects of ageing and suntan. They are also good at hydrating your body and providing minerals that fight off the energy sucking heat of summers. So, instead of having sweet pancakes or cereal in the morning, have a bowl of fruits like apples, bananas, watermelon, oranges, sweet lime, pomegranates, etc.

We’re certain that these tips will bring that dreamy glowing skin in summers. While most summer skin care routines have highly processed chemicals, we suggest using herbal products that work as good and grandma’s home remedies. To get more herbal skincare and grooming products visit Qraamen.