Find Your Perfect Cleanser Today that Removes Sun Tan

Find Your Perfect Cleanser Today that Removes Sun Tan

We’d all agree that summer is colourful. People shop for colour pop or pastel outfits during summers that match their complexion. But the harsh rays during summers can tan your skin tone to look darker and burnt. Long exposure of skin to sun rays causes hyperpigmentation. This makes the affected areas on the skin appear dry, dull, dehydrated and not well nourished. But just because of these problems, it doesn’t mean the solution is not stepping out in summer. The solution lies in Qraa Men’s de-tan cleanser. It’s a perfect solution with a classic blend of cosmetics and Ayurveda. There are plenty of de-tan removal products in the Indian market that claims to provide suntan protection. But in this article, we’re going to provide a complete 101 guide to removing skin tan with Qraa Men’s de-tan cleanser. We’ve observed that if a skin problem is treated with both a cosmetic and natural remedy, then clear results are achieved faster. Get ready to embrace an Ayurvedic formula for suntan protection for men that effectively works faster.

Why should you use a cleanser?

Before we go ahead and tell you all about this magic de-tan product, you must know exactly why a cleanser is needed more than just some face wash.

More than a face wash, using a de-tan cleanser makes up for the most important summer skincare essential. Our skin undergoes sun and pollution damage on a daily basis, especially when most of your work is outdoor, or you’ve got to travel a lot. Hence, it’s important that you use a de-tan cleanser for men to get rid of dirt, grime, and other impurities that get accumulated in the skin pores. Qraa Men’s de-tan cleanser is enriched with ayurvedic ingredients and components that heal, replenish, nourish, lighten, brighten, and hydrate the rough and tough male skin. Using Qraa Men’s de-tan products protects the skin from sun damage and gives a rejuvenated, fresh look. This product is recommended for men belonging to the age group 18 and above. The organic essence of this de-tan product for men renders it suitable for all skin types, making it an extremely versatile de-tan cleanser. Formulated with rare and certified natural ingredients and components like Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, and Lemon extracts make it suits all skin types: oily, dry, acne-prone, etc. You can safely use this cleanser on sensitive skin kind as well as it’s free from any kind of harmful chemicals, preventing allergies or side effects as it’s natural and ayurvedic based.

What’s the difference between Qraa Men’s cleanser and others?

As mentioned previously, Qraa Men’s de-tan cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients and nutritive oils while most de-tan products for men in the Indian market are chemical-based. Qraa Men’s product comes with a powerful scrubbing benefit that effectively but gently exfoliates the skin whilst others may have bead scrubs in the product that can worsen skin damage further. The ayurvedic base of Qraa Men’s cleanser has extracts that fight acne while some cleansers that are chemical-based can cause acne in sensitive skin or aggravate skin damage.

Qraa Men’s De-tan Cleanser is Perfect for your skin

Many use sunscreens, SPFs, and UV protector lotions in summers, but often neglect them when it turns cold. UV rays are omnipresent no matter the weather and how clear the sky is and what season is it. Winter or Summer, sun damage happens to our skin on a daily basis. In that case, you need a product that can prevent sun damage no matter the weather. Summer tan or winter tan, if you see a difference in your skin colour and tone, then it’s time to use de-tan products that will remove the suntan without causing any side effects or allergies. And for that, look no further than Qraa Men’s De-tan Cleanser and Scrub. Qraa Men De-tan Scrub has 12 rich and rare ingredients that smoothen fine lines, illuminate skin colour, and promote new cell growth.

Our ayurvedic formula has a blend of the finest oils that brighten skin tone and removes pigmentation. Finely ground sweet almond ingredients are rich in vitamin E & D nourish and nurture while exfoliating the pollutants and impurities out of the pores for a glowing complexion. It also helps remove tanning and stimulates micro-circulation. The ayurvedic ingredient combinations mentioned above work directly on the skin deep within and provides instant smoothening and whitening benefits. In addition, daily use of Qraa Men De-tan Cleanser removes dead skin cells from the face offering a brighter and lighter skin tone.

Why is it special?

  • Soap and sulfate-free formulation.
  • All-natural formulation
  • Brightens skin tone and improves skin texture

With just a few uses, you can definitely bid goodbye to stubborn skin tan and pigmentation. It’s an effective cleanser that deeply purifies the skin and removes tan from the root. It’s infused with a skin-lightening formula that enters the pores during exfoliation and improves skin tone and naturally restores the colour of your skin and rejuvenates dull skin cells.