Face serum for men: Give some love and care to your skin

Face serum for men: Give some love and care to your skin

The healthcare industry for men was always on the rise because of all the physical problems. On the other hand, skincare and beauty products have only been heard of in recent years. Face masks, Deep moisturizing creams, spot removal therapy, face serum, etc. for men are now emerging faster than ever and skincare specialists are recommending skin remedies for men.

While in the earlier years, or a decade and a half prior to being precise, there wasn’t much on the beauty shelves for men. Men’s skins have always been tougher. The general sun, wind and dirt couldn’t get through it, but with the racing of the globe and decreasing quality of life, there are a lot of pollutants, chemicals and toxins that come in contact with men’s skin or are ingested through air or water. This has only become an issue after the pollution took over in the last 2 decades. In 2000, there was no sign of even a personal face wash for men. Talcum and Soap were the vices but the heavy contamination of the skin calls for products like exfoliators and face serums for men.

Why Serums Over Creams?

Men, unless they are scientists or mathematicians, have a simple calculation, we need more of the product! So, when you see a small bottle with liquid, don’t think you’ll need boxes of it. Creams have a lot of other materials to make them absorbent or oils to protect the skin from dust and dry winds. The cream leaves a layer of dead skin and underlying damage behind too if you never thought. Whereas serum has no unnecessary steroids or chemical smoothening components.

Serums are essentially new-age elixirs that are made with refined extracts from natural ingredients like fruits and plant sap, provided to you unaltered by industrial material. These small looking serums do not require much use of the products, it’s really just a few drops and massage, twice a day. It absorbs into the skin like magic and rejuvenates the skin with vital elements. Serums heal the skin and keep it supple and smooth for longer. Where moisturizing creams and fairness creams just work on the upper layer of the skin, the active ingredients, vitamins and minerals in face serums reach the inner skin cells. This makes face serum the best daily use beauty hack for men.

What are the Benefits of Face Serums?

Cream-based beauty products can be a hassle for most men, making them demotivated to use them. Where there are three different creams, for fairness, moisturizing and inflammation relief, a serum can take care of most skin issues on its own. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of face serum for men-

  1. Reduces wrinkles : Age and working like a bull cause a lot of changes in the body and wrinkles are just one of them. Due to its active ingredients and concentrated vitamins, serums are able to get through to the deep layers of skin, providing nutrition and rejuvenation to skin cells. It encourages rapid cell recovery in the dermis which firms the skin and removes deep lines and porous skin. The vitality provided by serums also protects the skin from sagging.
  1. Rejuvenates dull skin : Stress and pollution can turn the skin more and more dull as we age. Hence, the skin becomes darker with time. Fairness creams can give you a temporary sheen for the evening but a face serum can lift dead skin cells while rejuvenating the cells below. This unclogs all pores and gives the face a brighter look. Men with oily skin shall never use moisturizers as it can dull the skin. Face serums can give you an oil-free look while moisturizing the skin from the inside
  1. Reduces inflammation and sagginess : Men’s faces go through pollution, heat, dirt, sweat, and shaving. All these damaging effects are inflammatory and used to cause the skin to swell up in earlier years but as you age, your facial skin begins to get saggy. So, a serum is your early prevention from sag and dark circles around your eyes. Face serum can reduce the appearance of circles and fine lines when used as daily night care.
How to Use a Face Serum?

Using a serum is pretty simple, all have to do is decide when exactly you want to use it. Recommendations say that serums must be used with you daily or alternate skin care sessions. Serums work great when used with cleansing products, preferably during the before bed skincare routine. Most face serums perform well when used after a face wash or scrub. Some serum face kits come with the best-supported face wash and face scrub. Together can be the superhero of skincare for men.

Here are a few Lightening and repairing face kits with MARVEL Superhero inspired serums for different skin types-

Captain America De-Tanning and Skin Lightening Kit- Comes with antioxidant-rich face serum for men to keep the skin from ageing just like Captain America.

Iron Man Frame Freezer -Anti Ageing Kit with Vitamin C- Comes with Vitamin C enriched face wash, serum and beard serum for anti-ageing treatment for the hip Iron-men.

Hulk Green Coffee Body Care Kit- This body care for all the tough ones out there comes with coffee extracts face serum and a body cleansing combo that smashes pollution and skin inflammation.

Skin, hair or face serums are necessary especially for men who’re still relying on moisturizer creams and fairness creams. Your face needs better protection and of course a stronger healing remedy. Just like men’s skin is tough towards the common sunshine and dust, it is also tough towards the mild concoctions that are used to repair rather prolonged damage. This is why the faster ageing skin of men requires face serums that can absorb into the skin and keep it smooth and younger for longer. The house of Qraa Men brings you the best of skin and hair health kits that keep your skin looking young so your face never goes dull while being a man.