Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Heaving through carrying just half the groceries, getting flashes of light and losing footing, or not being able to carry on lovemaking for your partner. These are all just a few signs of low testosterone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a bulky body or eat a lot; low testosterone levels can appear in all men. While most common reasons can be found in your lifestyle, it can sometimes be because of medication and illnesses. Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in males like estrogen is in females. This hormone is responsible for keeping your willy wiggling when your partner is turned on while also looking after your muscle and mental growth. 

The stressful lifestyle that most men are leading today causes low testosterone levels. It is a general rule of hand that the more you stress, the more testosterone production falls. Stress affects major factors of healthy living like- proper diet, restful sleep, and energy levels. While most of these things might not slow you down when working a desk job, it will cause general weakness and early fatigue in the after-hours. Low testosterone can get you so tired that even seduction from your partner can’t stop you from dozing off. Here are the signs that point to low testosterone in men and how to improve it-

Low testosterone symptoms to look for

Testosterone helps in developing muscles and bone density. It also promotes hair growth, agility, and a better appearance. The most important function of testosterone is to increase libido and endurance during sex. This is what happens with low testosterone levels in men-

1. Reduced muscle mass

Testosterone increases the ability of the body to synthesize protein from food and use it to rebuild broken tissue. So, if you’re wondering why the gym is not giving you gains, it’s because your muscle fibers are breaking but are not being repaired. Building muscle mass depends on testosterone levels, but if you do not exercise while having ample levels, testosterone slowly diminishes. As a result, the body loses strength and endurance over time.

2. Reduced bone mass

One of the most common low testosterone symptoms is losing bone mass. You might start getting unusual joint pains and hairline fractures with mild injuries. Testosterone regulates the body’s ability to use calcium as a bone repair mineral. Hence, low testosterone causes you to lose bone mass. If you’re feeling unusual pains in your wrists and ankles, it can be a sign that you need to increase your testosterone levels.

3. Lower sex drive

Yes, losing testosterone also means losing in the bedroom. Your testosterone levels are directly related to your sexual desires. The more testosterone you have, the better and longer your libido will last. Low testosterone cause low moods and a diminishing desire for sex in men. So, when you’re not feeling like taking your partner for a joy ride, it’s not their fault; you need to destress and raise your testosterone.

4. Decreasing energy levels

Men's most common complaint with low testosterone is that they can’t frequently feel the need to hit the bed. It is the result of decreasing energy levels. Testosterone allows the male body to burn calories and use glucose at will; low levels can keep you from tapping into the source of glucose you’ve stored in the body. This is why when you feel like falling into bed after work every day, it means you’re too stressed to produce enough testosterone.

5. Increasing weight

Ever guessed why some men get man-boobs? It is because of low testosterone. Anxiety and stress cause testosterone to go down, which stops the burning of glucose and amino acids stored in fats. This causes more lethargy, in turn increasing unnecessary fats in the body. So, if you’re suddenly gaining weight, it’s time to say no to the cravings and eat healthy foods for your testosterone.

6. Losing hair

Testosterone is important for attraction, too, because it meddles a lot with how you look. The most horrible stage of low testosterone in men is losing hair rapidly. Testosterone is responsible for blood flow in the body as well. Due to blockages from pollution and stress, the blood, with the nutrition it holds, cannot reach the hair follicles on the scalp. Thus, causing the follicles to die and lose strength. With males, low testosterone levels can also cause lessening of body hair like chest or leg hair. So when the need for waxing seems to be less, it is time to check your testosterone.

7. Shorter erections and testicles

Testosterone is the hormone that controls how hard your erections are and how long they last. Low testosterone in men causes the penis to fall limp after a short period of physical touch. While size doesn’t matter much, a hard erection does. Testosterone keeps the blood vessels in the penis strong, increasing blood flow and leading to stronger erections. Low testosterone symptoms also include shrinking the testicles and causing low sperm count and quality.

What to do to increase testosterone

Testosterone levels can be improved with a change in lifestyle, food, and with supplements. Here’s what to do-

Eat right

Eating the right food is important for testosterone production. Foods that have a lot of simple carbs and are made of processed sugars will decrease testosterone levels. Processed meats such as sausages and ham contain preservatives that act as toxins for testosterones. Try to switch to eating raw salads, nuts, green leafy veggies, seafood, and dairy products.


Even though you’re feeling low, start with at least 20 push-ups a day and add more from there. Exercise improves mental strength, which indirectly leads to better testosterone production. However, you must continue to exercise, even if it’s ten minutes a day.

Take supplements for male vitality

Vitality and immunity in the body are important for men to increase testosterone production. While the body uses the nutrients in food to make energy, essential and rare nutrients are missing from most diet plans. This is why you may try to boost vitality by supplementing it with natural extracts. Qraamen’s Dynamo Power Capsules are a great way to enhance the synthesis of testosterone-building nutrients in food. It combines herbal extracts from shilajit, trikatu, Kesar, Pikachu, etc., which boost the body's endurance and vitality.

Low testosterone in men can be increased by leading a healthy lifestyle. One that doesn’t let you get stressed and makes you feel energetic and happy. Reducing stress in life and eating healthy will also improve testosterone. So, keep your mood up and contact Qraamen for male health supplements and products.