Best way to overcome sexual performance anxiety

Best way to overcome sexual performance anxiety

You might have heard the infamous quote amongst men- ‘don’t teach a man how to…… well, make babies. Probably that quote is the trouble. Sexual anxiety stems from the knowledge of sexual pleasure and how much of a man you must be to please women. We all know it takes way more than ten minutes of forty pumps. Staying limited to body-on-body push-ups, you will certainly have sexual performance anxiety when you stop and fall on the pillow.

A large number of men go through what is called sexual performance anxiety or lack of sexual confidence. Some see sexual anxiety as being unable to shake the bed for longer, while others see the symptoms as lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction. You start worrying about the deed so much your sword hand starts to shake and fall limp. Yes, just stressing about pleasing your partner rather than thinking about their lovely noises gets you and your peter panicky. Lower stamina might be a different cause and can be fixed with nutrition and supplements. The mental freedom required to have a regret-free and spontaneous sex life comes from many external and internal mental imprints. So, how to stop worrying about sexual performance and reduce anxiety in bed?

What causes sexual anxiety?

Sexual performance anxiety is connected to two of the most important muscles in a man’s body- the phallus and the brain. Since we’re not animals for brainless breeding intercourse now and then, we need a proper mindset to have sex. For us, sexual activity begins in the brain first. So, when you’re stressed about your performance or are thinking about all the wrong things, you cannot focus on the pleasurable part. This is what causes sexual performance anxiety. It doesn’t let you focus on your strong points and keeps you thinking about embarrassment before the act begins. When the dates start to go wrong, it’s better you focus on the beauty and understanding of your partner rather than how to make them like you in bed. The mental imprints that cause that loss of confidence and focus can happen because of these situations in life-

  • Having a strong fear of not being able to match the sexual desire of your partner.
  • Being anxious about your body image is like being skinny or heavy.
  • Having tension within the relationship or getting put off purposefully.
  • Thinking too much about the size factor in intercourse.
  • Worrying that you might orgasm too soon for your partner

How to reduce sexual anxiety symptoms?

Sexual anxiety symptoms can be worked upon by developing multiple habits and solving troubles that affect you mentally and physically. It can be your eating habits, lifestyle, or trouble talking openly to your partner. So, here’s what you can do-

1. Talk to your partner

This is the most important step toward overcoming sexual anxiety. There are many things going on in the mind when you know that you’re getting in bed with someone. Sometimes, men are most worried about falling out before the action starts. For some, it is also past experiences with partners that haven’t been very supportive. So the fear of humiliation and rejection takes over. Talking openly to your partner about the experience will have two benefits- you will feel lighter in your mood and know if your partner is supportive and nice. It is a win-win situation until you find the right one.

2. Improve your diet

Many think eating lots of proteins and carbs will increase their physical strength. The truth is sexual strength is way more than just bulking up on protein shakes. It depends greatly on what kind of food you use for your nutrition. Too much protein through shakes and processed foods increases cortisol, the stress hormone, making you lose testosterone. This can be alleviated by adding variety to your food intake. For example, if you’re using a lot of chicken or eggs for protein, try to switch to seafood some days. It will give you several other nutrients necessary for endurance and good libido. Detoxifying can also increase libido, so add a lot of fruits and veggies to your diet.

3. Get on an exercise routine

Age is a factor that rules the sexual ability of men. As you grow older, the metabolism in the body decreases. Hence, your body cannot fully synthesize the nutrients in the food. This causes early fatigue and low energy levels. So, just like diet, physical exercise to is necessary for agility at a young age. Exercise regulates blood circulation throughout the body and increases oxygen usage spiking energy. So do a couple of sets of pushups off the bed as well. Do leg exercises like squats and running with core and back exercises combining leg raises, crunches, and push-up variations.

4. Ignore romance and erotic media’s definition of sex

The T.V. is the real monster in your house. Media has taken over the definition of relationships in a harmful way. Most depictions of physical affection in movies like 50 Shades of Grey and other Netflix romance dramas can’t be applied in real life. Being sexual while angry might be spontaneous to you but not to your partner. So, let the freaky tv be their own, and understand your own mentality towards sex and what raises your passion levels. It will bring out a natural bed action and keep you in control of your orgasms. Go with the flow, not the show!

5. Take natural supplements to increase energy

The bed is all about energy. Doing the deed just wanting to feel relaxed will leave your partner agitated. The daily stress and pressure of worldly matters weigh down on energy levels. The lifestyle and food keep using up the most important enzymes and nutrients. So, to keep your body supplied with supplement nutrition. You can get all the important minerals, compounds, and Vitamins to maintain a healthy body and mind. It improves your energy levels and keeps your libido young for longer.

There is a lot of unpractical help out there over sexual performance anxiety. You need not be of the biggest size or be the rough guy. Explore your own sexuality with your partner. Whereas stamina and endurance, you can enhance your vitals with herbal supplements like Qraa Dynamo Power Caps and Syrup by Qraamen. It is made of natural herbs like shilajit, Kesar, trikatu, gokshura, Swarna bhasma, etc., that promote stamina and vitality while boosting energy levels. You’ll find the rare ingredients to be efficient with a good diet and daily exercise. Try our range of body detox and immunity-building products for men at Qraamen.