Benefits of Shilajit - 7 Facts you need to know

Benefits of Shilajit - 7 Facts you need to know

Ayurveda, the Indian medical system is an ancient traditional science field that focused on treating any ailment’s root cause and also preventing its recurrence. Amongst many other antiseptic and medicinal ingredients and herbs used in Ayurvedic treatments, Shilajit is one of the most effective medication substances ever used. From ancient times until today, the benefits of shilajit have been shared and experienced by many recovering patients and ayurvedic practitioners. Shilajit is an extremely sticky ingredient that was discovered in the Himalayan rock formations. It then evolved over years of time because of the gradual decay of plants. Since the substance was found, many medical enthusiasts have researched the various health benefits of shilajit and came to a conclusion that shilajit is a potent and safe dietary supplement that improves holistic health and well-being of not just humans but also animals in veterinary care.

Shilajit has the potential to cure major physiological conditions in humans because it contains a lot of bio-chemicals, vital nutrients, minerals, and loads of antioxidants. It’s the ultimate natural mineral substance that’s super safe to consume. We’ve done our fair share of research and noted these heavenly 7 benefits of shilajit that you must know.

1. Shilajit Boost Your Immune System

Your body has a natural disease defence mechanism called the immune system that needs constant attention to get stronger as you grow. And if you don’t have strong immunity, your body becomes susceptible to safeguarding it from various diseases and health risks. In fact, in tropical countries like India, people are more vulnerable to develop allergies, inflammations, diseases, bad health conditions, sicknesses, sinusitis, and other illnesses. There are benefits of shilajit you will notice in your immune system once you add it to your regular diet. It is an excellent antioxidant that helps with natural detoxification of the body. It enhances the immune system to fight allergies because it contains fulvic acid, a strong anti-inflammatory that protects against free radicals and cellular damage.

2. Shilajit Improves Blood Circulation

Shilajit is a detoxifying herbal supplement that functions like a blood cleanser. The blood cleansing benefits of shilajit actually improves blood circulation. Consuming shilajit eradicates toxins out of the organs in the body. In people suffering from poor blood circulation, heart problems, cardiac ailments, cholesterol, consuming shilajit or ayurvedic medicines, having shilajit could actually treat their medical conditions. Its ability to purify blood also lowers blood sugar levels which is great for people suffering from diabetic issues. In order to keep away serious illnesses, consume shilajit regularly.

3. Shilajit Strengthens The Bones



It’s a known fact that bones need vitamin D to get stronger and have more calcium in them. Doctors advise people to take sunlight for 20 min per day between 7:30am to 9am to receive as much vitamin D from the most natural source out there: the sun! But during winters, getting your fair share of sunlight for calcium absorption can be a challenge. And when there’s a decrease in calcium in the body it leads to bone issues. Consuming shilajit to make up for the low calcium is an ideal treatment because of the minerals, phytochemicals, and calcium it naturally contains. These substances in shilajit help the body to naturally store more calcium. It also helps with ligaments and muscles attached to bones and reduces inflammation. Common problems like joint pain, back pain, muscle soreness, knee pain, and many more can aggravate during cold climates. If you or anyone you know are already suffering from arthritis or other bone conditions then having shilajit is the best way to prevent the bone conditions from worsening further. It may not be a cure to arthritis but can definitely stop calcium reduction from the bones and alleviate bone pain.

4. Shilajit Improves Metabolism 

Many heavy eaters face problems like laziness and inactivity especially during the winter season where people tend to eat more than usual. The body has to secrete double the amount of enzymes and digestive juices to create more digestive fibre that is properly absorbed thus leading to an improved metabolism in the body. It’s essential for the body to maintain a healthy metabolism to rid off toxins. Here’s how shilajit benefits the body. It not only clears toxins as we know, it improves mood and provides more energy to the body. This helps in not being lazy but being more active, even during cold days. To be more swift, active, and efficient, reap more benefits of shilajit by adding it to your diet.

5. Shilajit Maintains Digestive System

Other than an improved metabolism, having a healthy, efficiently functioning digestive system is highly essential. Taking shilajit certainly helps the body to have proper digestion. Alongside it aids and heals problems like bloating, nausea, acidity, indigestion, abdominal pain, stomach pain, acid reflux. Consuming the best quality shilajit or product that has pure shilajit ingredients is necessary. Maintaining the physiological process especially when the digestive system is working overtime with heavy/meaty foods, consuming shilajit will boost and improve holistic digestive health.

6. Shilajit Alleviates Stress and Anxiety 

Gloomy, stressful days at work or home can lower self esteem and enthusiasm which inturn increases anxiety levels. At such times often people choose therapy sessions for the feel good factor. But it doesn’t have long term effects on the body to naturally boost energy levels. Consuming shilajit instantly alleviates the mood. The fulvic acid in shilajit acts as an antidepressant. Moreover, it also helps with Alzheimer’s, and other major mental health issues. Shilajit helps improve cognitive functions and make you more productive, affecting your stress levels positively.

7. Shilajit Has Aphrodisiac Properties

For men the benefits of Shilajit are on another level. This Ayurvedic herb increases testosterone levels and thus boosts sexual performance. It controls sexual desires, vigour, and zeal by raising or regulating libido levels. In this way, men’s sexual performance with their partner is enhanced.

Ensuring you consume the best quality Shilajit is paramount. If you’re wondering how to finally add Shilajit to your regular diet and routine of the day, try Qraa Men’s Dynamo Power Capsules. It’s 100% vegan and has the goodness of pure Shilajit alongside other ingredients like Satavari, trikatu, kesar, and lavang. Consume two tablets twice a day or as recommended by your physician. Trust in Qraa Men to boost your stamina, vitality, and overall endurance.