7 Tips to Help Fight Body Acne in Summer

7 Tips to Help Fight Body Acne in Summer

Sweat, dirt, and prickly sunrays, summer is not always fun when you have to go out and take care of your body at the same time. The summer sun is hotter than in the winters since it is way closer to the planet. In the heat of the day, the only thing protecting your skin from burning is your clothing that protects you from the scorching UV rays. The morning sun might be good for a walk but even sitting inside a car during the noon makes one feel like they’re being cooked in a microwave.

We all run for the shower once we get home for a summer body wash but it is really not enough. Going out even in the evenings doesn’t reduce the amount of sweat you produce and that combined with sticky t-shirts is the perfect situation for bacteria to feast on your skin. All factors of summer combined give you a problem that needs preventing only during this time of the year- body acne. There is one option that is the easiest to stop the growth of body acne from burning summer sun, don’t go out! But that is obviously not a feasible option for most of us. So, here are the protective things you can do this summer to prevent a body acne outbreak or treat your skin if you already got it.

1. Avoid hot water baths

Hot water baths might be feeling good in the evenings when the sun has set but it hurts your skin terribly. As a man, it is important to take cold showers everyday to keep your skin unbothered and increase energy levels when the rest are suffering from summer fatigue. Hot water scalds your skin and leaves all the pores exposed to dust and sweat. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria causing clogged pores. Even though hot water is unavoidable in summers because of the heated pipes, you can still take a bath with water stored in a bucket for at least an hour.

2. Add neem leaves to your bath water

In summers, storage tank water is not exactly cool and not boiling hot either. The temperature makes the water a great place for microorganisms to flourish. While most of them are removed from your drinking water through water filters at home, bathing water is not exactly filtered. So, any remaining water on your skin after a bath is enough to give you acne. Which is why grandmothers in India have always suggested adding a branch of boiled neem leaves to the water to make it free from bacterial presence preventing the body from acne causing bacteria. If you don’t have a neem tree around you, you can defend against acne this summer with Qraamen Green Coffee Body Wash which has the qualities of natural neem extracts. You get it along with the Hulk Green Coffee Body Care Kit to keep your skin as tough as Hulk this summer.

3. Remember to moisturise after bath

When you take a bath, all the natural moisture of the skin is washed off and the skin is left unprotected. After bath, once the skin dries up, there is more oil produced by the pores to keep the skin moisturised. However, the natural oil or sebum, secreted by the skin, tends to clog the pores which causes more acne. Hence, it is necessary to hydrate with a non-oily moisturiser with aloe-vera or other herb based moisturisers.

4. Use an antifungal powder

Sweating is an unavoidable part of summers and it causes a lot of issues, one of which is acne. Along with acne there also occurs rashes and infections, especially if you’re a person who spends a lot of time outdoors before getting home for a bath. In that case, fungi can take over the clothes and cause itchy and stubborn rashes. Using an antifungal powder can save you from that. A regular medicated powder like Nycil or Dermicool works just fine. It will keep away acne caused by fungus borne from sweat.

5. Use body wash with neem and tea tree oil

Neem and tea tree oil are great at preventing the skin from getting affected by microbes that cause body acne. The trouble is we keep cleansing and wiping off our faces but rarely care about the regular cleansing of the skin on the body. Hence, in the summer it is better to use a body wash that has the antimicrobial qualities of neem and tea tree oil. You can use the Hulk Body Care Kit by Qraamen which includes a body wash and scrub along with a face serum. It contains the goodness of green coffee, neem and tea tree oil. It keeps your body and face skin protected from summer acne.

6. Try a weekly rub of sandalwood and turmeric

Sandalwood and soothing qualities for the skin and keeps the pores clean. While turmeric is a great antibacterial agent which keeps your skin protected against the microbes present in sweaty clothing. So, if you’ve already got the rashes or acne from the hot summer sun, you use them both as a rub. Mix half a tsp of turmeric in 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder. Apply the mixture on the skin that has been affected and then wash off once the mixture dries up. You can also add some lemon juice to the mixture if a mild exfoliation is in your routine too.

6. Wear breathable cotton clothes instead of synthetic fabrics

Body acne is caused most of the time because of clothes that keep you constantly sweaty. The best way of preventing body acne is to wear clothes that allow evaporation of sweat to keep the skin dry. So, the best fabric for the summer is cotton. Wear light cotton shirts and t-shirts, refrain from wearing pants that are too tight. Wear lighter colours and avoid the black and dark blue shirts.

Summer burns and rashes are irritating and keep us up at night. Use Qraamen Hulk Green Coffee Body Care Kit with the summer body wash and scrub for a smooth healthy skin and face serum to defend against sun tan.