7 Proven Ways to Grow Thicker Beard with Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer

7 Proven Ways to Grow Thicker Beard with Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer

How many times have you shaved your bare skin with soft fur before getting here? Many men tried and many have tried and failed to get a beard by shaving the initial patchy hair in their teenage. Yes, the shaving of patchy or young beards was a trend back then, but the smart ones today know it is just a foolish myth. Moreover, shaving off those young beard follicles sometimes also causes them to die. So, it can certainly make your facial hair more patchy than full. The beard health of a man depends a lot on genetics. There are many men who have tried all sorts of beard growth oils for a bigger beard area, but the genetics keep it to a subtle goatee and mutton chops.

Hold on, do not be disappointed just yet. Your beard growth depends on a lot of factors other than genetics. With bodily changes in hormones and food intake, beard growth can be easy for first-time growers. Just see it this way, every man has a set of hormones that enable physical changes like muscle growth, height growth, and hair growth. Beard growth is affected by those hormones and with the use of external factors like oils and serums, any man can get a better beard growth than usual. It happens exactly like someone has to go through the disciplinary process of becoming a man to get a beard too! Here are a few proven ways to improve beard quality and thickness, but first let’s break the myths-

All men have the same beard growth rate.

Beard growth time is similar for all men unless someone has a rare genetic code. In 2 weeks of time, some guys get a full beard even after a clean shave. Their beards don’t grow faster or thicker every time they shave. It is all an illusion of different hair types. Here’s how the thickness can be an illusion-

- Beard colour effects look. If someone has a light coloured beard, say greyish, their beard will not look dense even in the 3rd week. But when a dark black beard grows at the same rate it starts to thicker and fuller in the 2nd week.

- Everyone has a different beard density because of their genes. A person with dense facial hair will seem to grow thicker hair and fewer days.

- Hair diameter decides how thick someone’s hair can look. It is the same with a beard. Some people have thicker hair follicles and that makes their beard look thicker in a shorter time.

Every man has different genes but fortunately, genetics are not the only thing responsible for beard growth. Age and overall health are also considered. Here are the proven ways to increase beard growth-

1. Wait for the fourth week

For most men, the 3rd week of growth is when the itchy heated feeling becomes unbearable. Most men succumb to it and shave or trim their beards. The itchy feel of the beard can be controlled with the right grooming habits and with the use of moisturizing products. Beard growth and vitality oils from the house of Qraa Men are your answer to the itchiness. Use the Beard Vitalizer and wait for the 4th week to get over and you’ll see your beard getting thicker than it was before.

2. Exercise Regularly

As we said, beard growth needs the disciplinary process to be a man. The growth of fat under the skin can be another reason for the blockage. Burning up some fat might increase your chances of Vitamin E synthesis and keratin production, for thicker beard follicles. On the internal engineering level, exercise reduces stress hormones or cortisol and increases testosterone- the most important male growth hormone. It will naturally make your beard hair dense. So, get going for the brisk walk, or cycling and straightforward kickboxing.

3. Remove stress

Take a deep breath and calm down a little before you burn out. Stress is a major factor in constricting blood vessels. When that happens, your skin doesn’t get enough nutrients to get hair on it. So, if you stress about that beard, it will actually run away from you. Actually, any major stress or continued stress like a draining job can be bad for hair health. So, keep calm and try some breathing exercises to reduce stress.

4. Get good sleep

Resting is as important as exercising when it comes to kicking in the male hormones. Good sleep is important to reduce stress and cortisol levels to enable a better flow of testosterones through the body. So go take a nap before you decide to shave.

5. Get balanced nutrition

Everyone says that a man needs a lot of protein, but unused protein can also cause a lot of problems and toxic blockages. A man also needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to synthesize energy from the protein and enable the growth of muscles, bones and body hair. Eating vitamin and minerals rich food can help a lot to increase beard growth.

6. Take supplements

A large number of men, due to their fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, do not get the most important nourishment for their overall health. So, when beard growth is affected by that, it is time to take supplements. Minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamins B, C, A, D, and E, are responsible for hair growth. Biotin is a great addition to supplements that can increase beard growth in just weeks. Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer increases growth through biotin in oil form.

7. Use Beard Vitalizer Oil

Years of damage to the skin and daily hustle can sometimes be the reason why your follicles are not thick. The reason might also be dry dandruff ridden skin. With the use of Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer, the growth is aided through biotin used as an external oil. Along with biotin, Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer has neroli oil that promotes a healthier beard with antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itch properties.

Qraa Men Beard Vitalizer is an all-around beard growth oil that removes blockages from the skin and promotes the growth of new follicles. This Beard growth oil also smoothens and moisturizes the beard scalp to enrich the follicles.