6 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men 2023

6 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men 2023

Let food be thy medicine…..’- Socrates

What we become mentally and physically depends on what we eat. Every human knows this as a fact, but some choose to go for the desirous foods that are health hazards waiting to explode. The human diet set since ancient times is now disrupted because of easy-to-cook or ready-to-eat foods. Since there are few who get the time to cook for themselves after a hard day at work, there is also a lot of sway toward junk food. Foods like French fries, processed meat meals, instant noodles, and other instant foods are slow poisons that decrease your lifespan. When eaten regularly as main meals, these foods lead to diabetes, obesity, stomach infections, and heart issues.

We fail to keep away from the desires of the many flavors worldwide. In the teen years, everyone enjoys fiery wok-fried noodles and steamed dumplings. It is time that brings the side effects of excess weight and unhealthy blood pressure. So, it is important to know weight loss diet plans to get in shape for activity, especially for men working and performing daily tasks. Choose your diet plan for weight loss from these healthy diet options and start healing from the very next meal-

1. High protein diet

The ratio of protein to carbs that you eat decides your body shape, strength, and stamina. This is why this is one of the best diet plans for men. Men undoubtedly work tougher jobs with high physical and mental stress levels while also getting strong in gyms and sports. So, when the wear and tear are higher, you need more building blocks to make cells for the broken tissues. When you gain weight, you’re also losing muscle and bone mass. So, to induce muscle growth and weight loss, you must eat proteins first on every meal and then eat a small amount of healthy carbs like whole grains or legumes. This keeps the carbs from acting slow, giving you a constant burst of energy while keeping you full for a long.

2. Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet consists of high amounts of whole foods that improve metabolism. These foods are mostly packed with dietary fiber, proteins, and essential micro-nutrients. The diet requires you to increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, and beans in raw or semi-cooked form. This increases calorie deficit in the body, and you can still have 3-4 small and mid-sized meals throughout the day. Studies suggest that a Mediterranean weight loss diet is one of the best plans for men who want to reduce girth of the waist. Thus, it can help battle the causes of obesity and heart issues.

3. Whole foods and plant-based diet

The WFPB diet focuses on increasing the usage of sugars stored in fat to induce weight loss. The whole foods diet plan involves many fibrous raw fruits and vegetables for detoxifying weight loss. These foods include green leafy vegetables, roots like carrots, fruits and berries, and beans. However, the diet doesn’t require you to quit animal products. You can still add foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, chicken, and fish to your diet for the essential protein requirement. Adding more of raw salads, whole fruits, and grains like wheat, oats, and barley is necessary to improve metabolic fat burn.

4. Low carbs diet

When the body is getting most of its nutrition out of carbs like rice, potatoes, fruits, white breads and sugar, you’re giving a fast releasing glucose source. The body has a lot of glucose which gives you a hyped rush of energy that ends shortly. Insulin produced in the body lowers the glucose rapidly causing you to feel hungry and tired both mentally and physically. So you keep eating more food and feeling tired and lethargic. Eating protein and vitamins and mineral rich food is better to fill up your stomach for longer and keep giving you constant and long lasting energy. Switch to a low carb diet by increasing intake of multigrain breads and chapatis, and increasing the amount of proteins like meat, fish, eggs, paneer, pulses, legumes, etc.

5. High-fibre diet

High fiber is usually the main reason some people eat bigger portions but never gain belly weight. Fiber causes digestion to slow down and churn out all nutrients from the food. It also causes water to flow into your colon, relieving bloating or digestive issues. Better digestion causes the body to use amino acids from stored fat, causing it to shred out. Eating fiber regularly and choosing fiber-rich carbs and proteins like carrots, sweet potato, nuts, beans, avocadoes, etc., will improve your metabolism and shred excess fat.

6. Intermittent Fasting and restricted eating

Restricting energy or food intake for the body can cause the body to use up stored sugars and glucose in the fat membranes of your body. Intermittent fasting is a great way to induce this process. In case you cannot go a whole day without eating, you may also restrict your eating hours. For example, you can eat 3 meals a day but refrain from eating anything after 7 o’clock in the evening. Doing so will not only improve your metabolism but also increase immunity from viral and bacterial infections. Fasting 16 hours a day or fasting for a whole day while only drinking water, you can easily convert body fat into energy. However, this method shall not be used by type-2 diabetics as it may cause dangerously low levels of sugar in the body.

Dieting and changing food preferences cannot be done overnight. But eating food as medicine for at least one meal a day in the beginning can be a start of a good habit. When you decide mentally that you want to go on a long term diet change, you shall prepare your body too. It is thus necessary that you consult a dietician or your doctor about which diet will be the best for you. While you diet, there are a lot of micronutrients and super nutrients that you miss out on. Take Qraamen’s Dynamo Power supplement to improve immunity and boost strength as you diet or fast.