5 Ways to Prepare Your Beard and Skin

5 Ways to Prepare Your Beard and Skin

There are certain times in life where men also require some pampering. Most of the time the literal meaning of pampering for men is to get a good haircut and beard shape. While the excellence of the barber is an important factor for that, beard and face skin can sometimes get irritated with the rough life of men. In a way, there are actually no pampering days for men in this world except the days when you get a good barber and skincare session. But that too, with the exposure to different climates, can have unsatisfactory experiences, such as getting rashes due to heat or having broken skin due to the winter pangs. If there is a better way to have an irritation or dandruff free day, it is to keep your beard and skin moisturised. And for those of you who haven’t yet had the experience- yes, beard hair too gets dandruff growth and irritable skin. So, when winter time gets through your stubble and makes your cheeks flaky, it is time to get some proper treatment for your beard and skin. Here’s what to do - 

Be careful with the shampoo

There are a number of reasons why shampoo is made especially for hair. You can try your best but it is clearly impossible to have the same skin on your face as it is on your scalp. So, when the two hairs on your head are entirely different, both of them require separate attention without a doubt. Shampoo has a lot of compounds that can be good for hair but hampers the health of your beard growth. For example, a hair smoothening shampoo which makes your hair silky will make your beard dry like cactus. Most men's beard already resembles cacti and skincare fails to do anything for the recurring growth. So, when your beard has flaky skin underneath, it is important that you don’t use shampoo on your beard. If you’re using an anti-dandruff shampoo for your hair, one which moisturises the scalp, you can certainly use that but only once a week. To clean your beard, use a moisturising conditioner instead. It will keep your beard strands soft and moisturized for longer instead of shampoo.

Exfoliate your face

There is not much enthusiasm amongst men about exfoliation. Honestly, we don’t really understand the idea behind multiple cleaning products. But factually, your face wash and your scrub or exfoliator are two different products. Men’s lower faces have more accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria, the two things that are responsible for ingrown hair, acne, dandruff, and irritation. If left out of the routine, your beard will soon have snowfall. Because some men have thicker beard growth, the face wash or soap that you use doesn’t reach the pores of skin beneath. Whereas, all exfoliators have granules that not only reach the skin but also scrub off dead skin from underneath. Hence, exfoliation of the face is as necessary for men as lifting weights and applying cologne. You can use the Qraamen Haldi Chandan Face Scrub thrice a week to exfoliate the natural way without additives and chemicals.

Brush up your beard

The reason why people brush is that it helps remove dust and grime from the scalp without a wash. It also removes any dead skin cells or dandruff from the scalp. In a similar way, a bushy beard requires regular brushing. It not only keeps out the dirt but also distributes the natural skin oils all over the beard. Combing the beard improves the shape in which your beard grows while naturally exfoliating and preventing ingrown or curled hair. However, you have to be careful about the comb you choose. Any off the street plastic comb can cause more harm than help. It will give you more rashes and irritation. So, always choose a bamboo or wooden beard comb which has blunt teeth to make sure your face doesn’t get scratched off in the process.

Moisturise your beard

There is an old myth which states that the beard keeps the face skin moisturised. Well it might be doing that when you’re sweating out in the summers, but in the arid winter winds, even your beard can’t save you from dandruff growth. The skin below will always get dried up and let out dead skin onto your whiskers. To make sure the winter winds don’t make you look like Santa through the snow, add moisturisation to your skincare routine. While the regular moisturiser you use for winters may be alright for your forehead or cheekbones, it doesn’t go through the beard and reach the skin. The moisturiser also makes your beard rough and prickly so use a moisturiser that keeps your beard healthy. It is always better for men to use a beard oil in the winters along with their moisturiser. You can use Qraamen’s Luxurious Beard Gold Oil. It has the qualities of real gold and essential oils which not only keep your beard moisturised but also bring a luscious shine on it.

Shave responsibly

There is no one way to shave for all the men worldwide. Every man has a different beard growth and will require the angle of shaving or trimming that suits his beard. While it is a matter of beauty and pride for some men to keep a beard, some really do need to shave off the bristles. But when you do, it is important to do it safely and not hurt yourself. Sometimes the razor is not sharp enough and it leaves bumps on the skin and sometimes people shave in a hurry, leading to rashes on the skin. Always have a new blade when you’re shaving and make sure you apply a shaving cream that moisturises the skin.

Men do have a robust skin type but the weather and working conditions can pierce even the toughest skin. So, men’s skincare is important to have glowing skin for the after hours and lessen the effects of ageing. Use Qraamen Grooming Range for flawless beard and skin.