5 Surprising Habits that Cause Acne Breakouts

5 Surprising Habits that Cause Acne Breakouts

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To burst all myths, acne breakouts can happen years after you cross teenage. It isn’t a thing of puberty only. Acne breakouts can also happen in adults and leave marks and spots on the skin which robs the complexion of its beauty. The irritating and painful breakout of acnes doesn’t really happen for hormonal imbalance or puberty to put it precisely. It can happen for a number of reasons for the matter. No matter what the reason is, we completely understand that acne breakouts can be extremely painful and it can leave stubborn marks and spots on the face which refuses to go. Now, not all of us are aware that there are certain habits that can aggravate the problem of acne breakouts for the matter.

Do away with the associated myths, for here are the 5 surprising habits that can cause acne breakouts highlighted as under:

  • Certain Haircare Products: Yes, you have read that correct. Some haircare products that come in contact with your skin can lead to breakouts which are popularly termed as pomade acne. These products can seep oil into the forehead which can at times trap acne causing bacteria in the forehead while aggravating the said respect. These clogged pores become inflamed and red while resulting in pus and thus leading to breakouts in the hairline and forehead area.
  • Tip To Avoid: To avoid this problem, you can apply the hair care products with your hands which shall keep it away from the hairline. This shall help prevent the oil from seeping into the forehead while preventing the breakout of acnes.   

  • Too Many Skin Care Products: Be extremely careful while you choose your skin care essentials as the use of too many products can also lead to acne breakouts. Switching different products can also add to the problem of breakouts, as there might be certain products that are not suitable for your skin type. This might lead to skin irritations, itchiness and redness which might result in acne breakouts. Kindly note that even anti-acne products, creams and solutions can also lead to acne breakouts.
  • Tip To Avoid: In the endeavour to avoid this problem, it is best to use your set of skin care products and not change them often. Try to use organic range of skin care essentials as these are free from any kind of side effects or allergies.   
  • Extremely Dry Skin: Dry skin like that of oily skin can also lead to the breakout of acnes. When the skin gets extremely dry it might lead to microscopic cracks and fissures in which the bacteria can multiply and cause the breakout of acnes. Although we always associate the breakout of acnes with oily skin generally, but dry skin can also cause acne breakouts.
    Tip to Avoid: It is best to keep your skin properly hydrated and moisturized to avoid dryness which will in the process lessen the chances of acne breakouts.   
  • Removing Facial Hair: Yes, no matter how surprising it is, but it is absolutely true that the removal of facial hair can aggravate the problem of acne breakouts to put it precisely. Bumpy skin after hair removal might not be exactly acnes, but an irritation of the hair follicle that causes a transient rash to put it precisely. This happens to be a common problem among the majority and is dependant on the individual skin kinds. So, you might notice that you might happen to get these breakouts once you remove facial hair, but that might not be the case with your friend. Well, it varies from person to person.
  • Tip To Avoid: To avoid the breakout of the bumpy skin after you remove your facial hair, you can apply hot compress three to four times a day.

  •   A Diet Rich In Processed Food And Refined Carbs: Too much of refined carbs and processed food might not be good for the skin. This might lead to the breakout of acnes which might be extremely surprising. Yes, a balanced diet is extremely necessary to maintain a healthy skin as well. Too much of chips, chocolates, carbs, snacks and junk food might be the reason for the breakout of acnes.
  • Tip To Avoid: Follow a strict balanced diet with green vegetables and fruits and avoid processed food and refined carbs to prevent breakouts.