5 Reasons To Use Haldi & Chandan Face Pack In This Summer!

5 Reasons To Use Haldi & Chandan Face Pack In This Summer!

Summer is here. So, it is that time of the year again when we can enjoy some dollops of ice creams, frozen desserts and chilled juices. But let us not forget that the warm summer months also mean sweating and the associated skin issues that one faces during this time. Well, this summer, we tell you an ancient secret. Opt for the Haldi and Chandan face pack to keep away any kind of skin irritations, inflammations or irritations. Trust us, it works magic. Read on to know more why exactly this exclusive Haldi and Chandan face pack works wonders. Since the days of ancient Ayurveda, both Haldi and Chandan have been used in an array of Ayurvedic skin treatments as both are known for their innumerable benefits in fixing the different skin issues and helping purify the skin. Chandan is known for its cooling and healing properties that helps soothe stressed out skin. In addition, it is known to cause coagulation of the skin proteins that help provide for the necessary protection against breakouts, inflammations and abrasions. Haldi makes for a rich source of Antioxidants and vitamins that come with anti-ageing benefits that provide for the complete nourishment of the skin which helps get glowing skin naturally. It contains curcumin which works as a calming factor in a plethora of skin related issues. So, using these two powerful fixings can be extremely advantageous for the skin during the hot and humid months of summer. Here are the 5 reasons why you need to use the Haldi and Chandan pack during this summer:

  • Unclogs The Pores

    Summer is the time when one sweats a lot. The sweat along with the dirt, dust and other impurities leads to the clogging of the skin pores that leads to breakouts. Acnes, pimples along with skin bumps appear as a result of the skin pores getting clogged. Using the Haldi and Chandan face pack comes as a soothing relief in this respect. It comes with intensive cleansing formulation that helps get rid of accumulated dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin that helps unclog the pores to be precise. The beneficial goodness of natural Haldi and Chandan helps decontaminate the skin from any kind of impurities and it is known to help restore the skin tissues and, in the endeavour, it helps add an altogether different dose of radiance to the skin.

  • Rejuvenating Benefits

    The goodness of Sandalwood and Turmeric extracts and helps in exfoliating dead epithelial cells, blackheads and white patches and helps retain the complexion making your skin look fairer and brighter. In just a matter of a few minutes, this face pack caters to the complete face clean up regime. This excellent Haldi and Chandan face pack helps nourish every skin kind right from the core which helps rejuvenate the skin in a complete manner. It rejuvenates, refreshes and leaves behind a cooling sensation.

  • Removes Sun Tans

    Haldi and Chandan face pack helps nourish every skin kind right from the core which helps rejuvenate the skin in a complete manner. Using this beneficial face pack provides for the required nutrition and nourishment of the skin that helps soothe stressed out skin in the process. During the months of summer, the skin happens to be more prone to getting sun tans for the matter. It encounters sun damage and at times stubborn sun tans are what we are left with. The goodness of soothing sandalwood provides for instant relief to the skin against sun burns and the skin brightening and lightening advantages of both Chandan and Haldi helps lighten stubborn sun tans. This exclusive face pack is exactly what you need for getting the perfect skin that is brighter, smoother and amazingly radiant.

  • Removes Blackheads And Pimples Blackheads is an extremely common skin issue that is faced by the majority. Excess of oil, sweat, dirt are responsible for clogging up the pores which leads to blackheads for the matter. Blackheads can be extremely disturbing to say the least. Using the Haldi and Chandan face pack can be super beneficial in this respect. The goodness of beneficial ingredients helps decontaminate the skin impurities, unclogs skin pores and helps minimize them, removes acne, whiteheads and blackheads and prevents any kind of breakouts for the matter. Therefore, it removes blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, reduces spots and blemishes while helping get rid of dead skin cells in the said process.
  • Delays Skin Ageing Using the Haldi and Chandan face pack is known to help delay skin ageing in the most effective manner. With anti-ageing benefits, this beneficial face pack helps fight the first signs of ageing while effectively delaying the ageing process of the skin. Helps get rid off marks, spots and blemishes and it is known to remove the first signs of ageing like, spots, fine lines and wrinkles. The goodness of Chandan and Haldi is known to delay the process of skin ageing which helps to invest the skin with a natural youth boost.
  • You can make your own Haldi and Chandan face pack at home or if you are hard pressed for time, then there is the ‘Qraa Men Haldi Chandan Face Pack’ to your rescue. Don’t forget to make the most of this summer by keeping related skin woes at bay with this exclusive face pack that comes with fantastic benefits.