Luxurious Gold Beard Oil-With 24K Gold Leaves 30ml

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  • It's antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • It ensures healthy hair and skin.
  • Helps nourish, soften and tame the beard while doing away with itchiness and damage.
  • Free from any harmful chemicals, harsh metals, or any added synthetics
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Famous athletes like Virat Kohli, James Harden, and Messi proudly show off their well-maintained beard styles.

And actors like Ranveer Singh contribute to the beard styles trend movement by sporting their looks in their films or art. 

These famous beard looks have their own iconic aesthetic, but most importantly, they contribute to the undeniably growing, grooming, and self-care culture.

This culture has spilled over into the world of fashion, where the industry has actively embraced more than a clean-cut look, focusing on beard growth supplements like beard oil, beard wax to beard enhancers, and full beard care kits. 

Beard growth, styling, and grooming are a general concern or need for most men, as their beard can be patchy and itchy when it's unkept.

Beard styling and grooming, Beard oil is the perfect solution as it enhances beard growth and keeps it healthy. 

Qraa Gold Face & Beard Oil is a rich and complex blend of essential oils and 24K gold flakes, which helps hydrate and condition your beard and the skin. 

In addition, it includes passion fruit, argan, carrot seed oil, and rose seed oil. Use it as a daily moisturizer to keep your skin and beard healthy and hydrated.

The pure 24k Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing and naturally radiant. In addition, this oil instantly enhances manageability, shine and ensures long-lasting conditioning.

The rejuvenating fragrance is a relaxant, and its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties also ensure healthy hair and skin. Adorned with the goodness of 24K gold leaves, it helps stop itchiness or irritations of the beard and brightens dull skin. 

The potent 24K gold leaves help provide the beard's ultimate nourishment and soften and tame.

It is specially formulated with the goodness of certified ingredients like Argan oil, Geranium oil, Carrot oil, etc. 

24K Gold Leaves

  • Hydrates and Condition Beard and Skin underneath
  • Naturally Radiant Glowing Skin and Beard.
  • Helps Increase Growth and Beard Thickness

Argan Oil

  • Moisturizes beard and skin.
  • Treats several skin conditions.
  • Treats acne.
  • Heals skin infections.

Carrot oil

  • Soften beard.
  • Fight dandruff.
  • Moisturizing beard.

Pour a small amount of oil on your hand and massage it into your beard using your fingers. 

Q1. What does beard oil do?

Ans. Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’ comes enriched with the powerful goodness of 24 k gold leaves to put it precisely. Using this beard oil helps soften and tame coarse, dull and damaged beard by providing for the ultimate nutrition and nourishment not only to the bard hairs, but also the skin underneath. It works as the perfect grooming solution that stops itchiness and helps restore the health and shine of the beard in the most effective manner. So, don’t forget to use this beard oil for the complete care of your beard.

Q2. Should I use beard oil on stubbles?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. No matter which style of beard you happen to sport, you can safely use the ‘Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’. It works as the ideal grooming solution that comes packed with certified essential oils and 24 K gold leaves that not only helps hydrate and condition the beard, but also the skin that lies underneath for the matter.

Q3. Can beard oil stimulate beard growth?

Ans. Yes. Not only can the Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil help stimulate beard growth, but also is effective in helping you get a fuller, thicker, and softer beard with salon kind finish and shine. With hydrating and conditioning benefits, this beard oil makes for an exclusive solution that helps enhance the health and texture of the beard in an all-around manner for the matter.

Q4. What skin types is this beard oil suitable for?

Ans. Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’ comes packed with the powerful goodness of essential oils and 24 k gold leaves that make it suitable for all skin kinds. It has been specially formulated keeping in mind the diverse needs of the beard in mind along with the rough and tough skin of the males for the matter. The organic essence of beard oil is such that it can be safely used on sensitive skin types as well.

Q5. Who can use this product? 

Ans. Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’ can be used by men belonging to the age group of 18 years and above.

Q6. What is the shelf life of this product?

Ans. Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’ comes with a shelf life of 36 months to put it precisely.

Q7. How often should I use the Beard oil?

Ans. You need to use the ‘Qraa Men Luxurious Gold Beard Oil’ on a daily basis for the maximum of benefits. Don’t forget to check out the directions for usage to apply the beneficial solution in the correct manner in the endeavour to get the best results for the matter.

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