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Face And Beard Wash & Nourishing Styling Hair And Beard Wax Combo

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  • Reduces pigmentations
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Protection against sun damage
  • Prevents aging signs like wrinkles & fine lines
  • Provides a super stronghold to hairs
  • Controls hair fall and dandruff
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Terminates essasive oil from scap
  • Brightens and lightens dull winter skin
  • Prevents skin from winter dryness
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Groom, your look with treads, try a handsome styling combo for face, beard and hair. 

Qraa combo features an exclusive combination of Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash and Qraa Men Nourishing Styling Hair And Beard Wax. 

The exclusive duo contains styling and grooming products for men that help add to the health and texture of the beard and skin. 

Face and beard wash contains natural oils designed to keep your face and beard hydrated, clean, and refreshing. 

The non-sticky wax with high styling ability helps to texture your short to long hair and beard styles.

Qraa hair and beard wax offer volumized hair and beard shape that maintains your look even in rough conditions.

Stronghold of Qraamen hair and beard wax work strongly with you for a long run that lasts for 12 hours.   

The products are suitable for all skin and hair kinds and make for certified ones free from damaging effects. 

Blend of vitamins, antioxidants, cleanser, and natural substance, qraa men face and beard wash is a fusion of two excellent grooming products.  

It is sure to offer a luxurious experience of grooming and styling for men, and this combination of classic products works absolutely. 

This hair product is essential for men who like to experiment and take risks with new styles and trends. 

Tea Tree oil 

  • Helps in treating skin infection 
  • Reduces dandruff 
  • Keep hair strong & clean 
  • Prevents allergic rashes  

Clove oil 

  • Prevents wrinkles & fine lines 
  • Helps in better blood circulation in the skin 
  • Heals wounds & pains 
  • Reduces skin sagginess 

Jojoba seed oil

  • Treats acne and spots
  • Prevents aging signs 
  • Moisturizes skin 
  • Relives sunburns 

Argan oil

  • Moisturizes hair and scalp 
  • Reduces breakage & split ends 
  • Prevents hair loss 
  • Promotes cell production in the scalp

Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash

  • Wet your face & beard 
  • Pour a small amount of wash on your hands
  • Gather foam between palms
  • Massage it over your face gently
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Pat dry & soft towel

Qraa Men Nourishing Styling Hair And Beard Wax

  • Apply hair wax on completely dry hair 
  • Pour an appropriated amount of wax
  • Avoid applying on wet hair for proper volume
  • Apply gently with finger to the middle outer portions 
  • Apply as upward/downward as per the desired hairstyle

Q1. What skin types is this face wash suitable for?

Ans. Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’ is a revolutionary product that has been formulated in a special way to cater to the different needs and requirements of the tough skin of the men along with the specific needs of the beard. This exclusive wash is suitable for usage on all skin types and can be used on every beard kind as well. It can be used on sensitive skin kinds as well.

Q2. Why should I use beard wax?

Ans. Qraa Men Nourishing Hair And Beard Wax’ works as the perfect grooming accessory for the men who are interested to put their best foot forward. This styling wax comes with a powerful ability to hold the beard and hair in different styles and is known for its long-lasting effects. Investing the beard and hairs with the perfect shine, softness and smoothness, this exclusive wax is non-sticky and comes packed with the goodness of marine sea minerals. For a refreshing look and the salon kind finish for the hairs and beard, this wax never fails to impress.

Q3. How often should I use the Beard wax?

Ans. There isn’t any specific rule for this. Well, you need to use the ‘Qraa Men Nourishing Hair And Beard Wax’ as per your individual requirement. But, make sure to use the exclusive beard wax on clean and dry hairs for the best effect.

Q4. What is the shelf life of these products?

Ans. Qraa Men Nourishing Hair And Beard Wax’ and ‘Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’ comes with a shelf life of 12 months to put it precisely.

Q5. Does the beard wax make the skin itchy?

Ans. ‘Qraa Men Nourishing Hair And Beard Wax’ comes packed with the goodness of rare and certified ingredients like Marine sea minerals, Lavender oil, etc. that renders it with an organic essence which leads to no side effects or allergies. So, you can safely use the beard wax as it will not make the skin itchy to put it precisely. 

Q6. How many washes should I get out of one pack?

Ans. You need to use the ‘Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’ 100 grams pack twice a day at least. So, if you use this twice a day, it is to last for a month or so. If you use it once a day, the 100 grams pack lasts a little longer. But, remember that to make the product last for the said frame of time, you need to use it in the required quantity to put it precisely.

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