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De-Tan Pack for Men- With Clove and Lemon Oil

Rs. 299.00 Rs. 375.00
  • Makes for the best face pack for repairing sun damage, healing the skin with its beneficial qualities while removing sun tans effectively. 
  • Helps detoxify and refresh the skin in an absolutely herbal manner while providing for the necessary protection against the harmful U.V rays of the sun.
  • Comes enriched with natural cleansing agents like Tea tree oil and clove oil that provides for an array of intensive cleansing benefits.
  • Free from Parabens and it is suitable for application on all skin kinds and has been especially formulated for the tough male skin. 
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This D Tan Pack has 8 benefits  it hydrates, nourishes, soothes, calms, heals, whitens, brightens and lightens the skin. The goodness of Mint and Eucalyptus Oil cleanses skin while providing instant brightening and lightening benefits.
Net quantity : 120g

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