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Lung Detox Capsules

Rs. 299.00Rs. 360.00


Lung Detox Capsules

Rs. 299.00Rs. 360.00

Key Features

  • Makes you healthier as you can breathe better, and more deeply.
  • Drains mucus from the lungs to cleanse them.
  • Keeps the mucus moving to help you recover faster from bronchial disorders, not just cough and cold. 
  • Helps treat respiratory disorders, especially seasonal ones. 
  • Facilitates healthy respiratory breathing, which is especially useful for asthmatic people.
  • Blessing for smokers as it effectively removes mucus and tar from the lungs. 
  • Formulated with clinically researched Ayurvedic ingredients.

100% Safe and Natural

Ayurvedic Formulation

Safe to Consume

No Side Effects

Clinically Researched

Facilitates Lung Detox

The basics

  • Helps in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Stay protected against smoking, air pollution, and other related respiratory diseases and disorders.
  • Facilitate healthy breathing, and get relief from labored breathing.
  • Especially formulated to work as an essential remedy for smokers.

  • Being rich in antioxidants and micronutrients, both tulsi and haldi help to boost the immune system; while their antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties help fight infections, and limit the replication of many different bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Trikatu dilates airways in the respiratory tract, and thus improves overall lung condition. 
  • Ginger is a multi-purpose herb which clears your lungs.
  • Grape seeds have antioxidants, and improve circulation as they also act as a blood thinner.
  • Garlic is also multifunctional, and is used to treat tuberculosis and bronchitis. The capsule is a complete lung protection formulation, and contains no sugar.

Take a capsule twice daily after meals for a minimum of two months to enjoy its benefits fully.

  • Fuels up immunity Removes mucus, sputum, and tars from the lungs.
  • Detoxify and purify the lungs naturally
  • Protects against smoking, air pollution & respiratory disease.
  • Helps to treat cold and cough.
  • It's enriched with a blend of key ingredients such as Trikatu, Tulsi, Ginger, Haldi, and Garlic.
  • 100% Safe, Natural & Ayurvedic.

Frequently asked questions

You can try out ‘Qraa Men Vantika Lung Detox Capsules' that can help clean and purify the lungs facilitating healthy breathing. In addition, to get stronger lungs, remember to avoid smoking. Stay away from second hand smoke and environmental irritants. Have foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. Follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly if you want to make your lungs strong.

There are certain practices that can indeed lead to damaging effects on the lungs, Most importantly, smoking can completely destroy the structure of the lungs while aiding inflammation. Pollution can lead to damaging effects along with inhaling chemical filled air. Dust can also trigger lung damage. Following unhealthy practises and having fast and processed foods and drinks are known to spoil the lungs as well.

No, there isn’t any specific age group for taking the ‘Qraa Men Vantika Lung Detox Capsules'. It can be taken to detoxify the lungs, treating respiratory and other bronchial disorders and to promote healthy breathing for the matter. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking the respective tablets. Remember to get advised for the prescribed dosage as well.

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