Qraa Men Special Kit

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  • Reduces pigmentations
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Protection against sun damage
  • Anti-aging advantages with skin soft, supple, and radiant formula
  • Provides a super stronghold to hairs
  • Controls hair fall and dandruff
  • Restores flacking skin tissues
  • Brightens and lightens dull winter skin
  • Prevents skin from winter dryness
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Hamper your man to make their winters enjoyable than chilly harsh, get them right Qraaa supplies on hand.   

On these cold, windy days, skin and hair demand an extra layer of comfort to protect them from dryness, flaking, and irritation. 

Our Winter care Qraa men kit includes a Qraa Men 10 in 1 Hydra boost moisturizer, Qraa men's hairstyling gel, Qraa men's face, and beard wash.

The winter gift pack prepared to take care of facial fuzz, hair, and beard provides unsaid care like hydration and moisturization.  

Suitable for weather conditions, Qraamen Hydra boost moisturizer prevents the skin from winter dryness and turns it refreshing.  

The daily moisturizer formula is oil-free and absorbs quickly, maintaining men's skin moisture balance and lock-in skin-quenching hydration. 

Also, winter steals the moisture from skin and hairs that need proper care like qraa men's hairstyling get for styling and care.

Longbeard keeps your face warm and protected in winter but leaves your beard rough, dry and brittle that need care like this Qraamen winter care.   

Crafted as an exceptional hamper, the Qraa man winter care kit, can be gifted on Rakhi, Birthdays, Anniversary or any other occasion to the special man of your life.

Holding the gifting responsibilities, one of the best man care kits is free from Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oil, and any other chemicals or synthetics that might lead to damage.

This amazing hamper works great for all men as the products are suitable for all skin and hair kinds. 

Aloe Vera gel 

  • Clams, sunburns and rashes, irritation of the skin
  • Treats fungal and bacterial infections
  • Supports the production of collagen 
  • Moisturizes skin while hydrating dry skin 


  • Retain moisture 
  • Increases skin hydration 
  • Relieve dryness 
  • Refresh skin's surface 
  • Soften skin & remove dirt

Pro-Vitamin B5

  • Moisturizes dry hairs
  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • Gives stronger & resilience to your beard for faster growth
  • Anti-inflammatory effect heals skin  

Qraa men's face and beard wash

  • Wet your face & beard 
  • Pour a small amount of wash on your hands
  • Gather foam between palms
  • Massage it over your face gently
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Pat dry & soft towel

10 in 1 Hydra boost moisturizer

  • Apply after washing face
  • Massage face with taking an appropriated amount
  • Always apply moisturizer in upward strokes
  • Massage till absorbed by the skin 

Qraa men's hairstyling gel

  • Apply hair gel after washing hair 
  • Scoop out the appropriate amount of gel
  • Apply as upward/downward as per the desired hairstyle

Q1. What is the shelf life of these product?

Ans. ‘Qraa Men Gift Pack: Winter Care Kit For Men’ includes three exclusive products ‘Qraa Men 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer’, ‘Qraa Men Hair Styling Gel’, ‘Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’.  All the products come with a shelf life of 36 months to put it precisely.

Q2. What amount of the Hair Styling Gel should I apply?

Ans. Depending on the length of your hair, take required amount of the ‘Qraa Men Hair Styling Gel’ to set your hairs as per desired style. Take the minimum amount that you need to apply on the hairs evenly to put it precisely. Taking too much of the styling gel can be a spoiler. Therefore, you need to be a little careful about the amount that you take in this respect.

Q3. What skin types are these products suitable for?

Ans. ‘Qraa Men Gift Pack: Winter Care Kit For Men’ includes three exclusive products ‘Qraa Men 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer’, ‘Qraa Men Hair Styling Gel’, ‘Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’.  The products have been crafted keeping in mind the specific needs of men’s grooming during winters. Being formulated with the best of rare and certified ingredients, the products are rendered to be suitable on all skin kinds, including that of sensitive skin types for the matter.

Q4. Should I wash my beard along with my face?

Ans. Yes, definitely. The beard and face wash is an exceptional product from the house of Qraa that has been crafted to cleanse, hydrate and condition not only the face, but also the beard. So, remember to wash both your face and your beard with the exclusive ‘Qraa Men Face And Beard Wash’.

Q5. How often should I use the moisturizer?

Ans. ‘Qraa Men 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer’ is a part of the ‘Qraa Men Gift Pack: Winter Care Kit For Men’. Now, this exclusive kit caters to every aspect of men’s grooming during winters and moisturizer makes for the basic essential. In the endeavour to keep your skin hydrated you need to use the moisturizer on a daily basis. Remember to use this exceptional solution, whenever your skin feels dry during winters.

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