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Keratin Conditioner for Men with Ginger and Biotin- 200ml

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Key Features:


  • This amazing product is exactly what you need to treat dry, dull and damaged hairs in an effective manner for this beneficial solution helps repair, rejuvenate and revitalize the tresses like never before. Most importantly, this conditioner is free from dangerous chemicals, harsh metals and any kind of synthetic additives that might lead to further damage. 
  • Is this excellent ‘Qraa Men Keratin Conditioner with Ginger and Biotin’ is this non greasy and light weight solution that has been especially formulated with rare and certified ingredients that talk of natural care. With beneficial components like Keratin, Biotin, Sweet Almond oil, Ginger, Argan oil etc. for the proper nourishment and nutrition of the tresses, specifically required to treat dull and damaged hairs in the most natural manner. 
  • Comes with deep conditioning benefits that helps do away with tangles, frizz which helps reduce breakage and split ends. Using this conditioner helps enhance the health and appearance of the hairs and helps keep hair straight and smooth for a much longer span. Is known to provide for the required nutrients to promote fast hair growth and gets you stronger tresses by providing for the required nutrients for healthy hairs. Comes enriched with Keratin and other beneficial components that works as the all-in-one hair conditioner that can be used for three multiple purposes of styling, smooth finishing and conditioning benefits.
  • This excellent conditioner helps in nourishing the hairs, prevents hair loss and thereby helps get stronger, healthier hairs of amazing shine and volume. Be it dull hairs, or damaged tresses, or for that matter frizzy hair, ‘Qraa Men Keratin Conditioner with Ginger and Biotin’ makes the hairs more manageable to get it styled as per your preferences.



    Directions for Use:


    Step # 1

    Take some amount of the ‘Qraa Men Keratin Conditioner with Ginger and Biotin’ into your palms.

    Step # 2

    Apply the ‘Qraa Men Keratin Conditioner with Ginger and Biotin’ on wet hairs using your hands with the help of a gentle massage for some minutes so that it spreads on the hairs evenly

    Step # 3

    Rinse it off thoroughly with water and get envious hair of amazing shine, softness and lustre.

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