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Grow Beard Faster – Beard Vitalizer (Pack of 2)

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  • Makes for this exceptional vitalize that can work magic on the beard and comes in a combination pack of two. 
  • 100% natural product that boosts beard growth and is known to stimulate exceptionally fast beard growth. 
  • Works as this two-in-one solution, for not only does it function as the best beard growth product, but also can be used as the ideal vitalize for men’s beard grooming purposes.
  • Enriched with the goodness of natural components like Biotin, Milk Protein, Niroli Oil etc. is sure to treat your dry, coarse and damaged beard while restoring the beard’s natural balance by rejuvenating and revitalizing your beard in an amazing way. 
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Qraa Men Beardvitalizer is a beard growth serum, designed to help men cure issues they have grown a beard. It helps with beard growth issues such as sparse or patchy beards and is formulated to make facial hair grow faster and to come in much thicker. Net quantity: 60ml
  • 100% natural beard serum, no side effects
  • Strengthen the beard follicles
  • Help get fuller and thicker Beard
  • Boost beard growth faster



  • Pro-vitamin B5 which is a very essential vitamin for hair growth. It nourishes your hair follicles and helps to grow a fuller and thicker beard faster.
  • Biotin which also helps to promote facial hair growth. It also boosts beard thickness.
  • Neroli Oil able to minimize enlarged pores which are good for hair to grow. 
  • Milk protein also helps to grow healthy facial hair.  

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