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Grow Beard Faster – Beard Vitalizer (Pack of 2)

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Qraa Men Beardvitalizer is a beard growth serum, designed to help men cure issues they have grown a beard. It helps with beard growth issues such as sparse or patchy beards and is formulated to make facial hair grow faster and to come in much thicker.

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Net quantity: 60ml
  • 100% natural beard serum, no side effects
  • Strengthen the beard follicles
  • Help get fuller and thicker Beard
  • Boost beard growth faster


  • Pro-vitamin B5 which is a very essential vitamin for hair growth. It nourishes your hair follicles and helps to grow a fuller and thicker beard faster.
  • Biotin which also helps to promote facial hair growth. It also boosts beard thickness.
  • Neroli Oil able to minimize enlarged pores which are good for hair to grow. 
  • Milk protein also helps to grow healthy facial hair.  

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